Saturday, 8 November 2014

Sammy Dog Satdee

Wonka here.  Why on earth you all wonder up, are we talking about Sammy dog??  for those of you good folks who do not know, Sammy dog used to belong to Owner and was a very very clever, loyal and trustworth cross collie Labrador.  He adored kitwits too, and used to be a nanny dog to them.  He joined the sanctuary in the sky , many long moons ago BUT does appear to Owner in dreams and such like.  Today, whilst in the nursery (where Tinkers and the kittens are) Owner reports thus:

I was standing looking at my little desk and on it Wonka, as you know, is a little trinket box made of china, and in the shape of a dog laying down for the top bit and a rectangular shape for the bottom.  It is a sort of greeny dog, and it was bought for me by my dear Dad in Haverhill, Suffolk.  We were visiting my Grandad and  I spied it in an antique shop and wanted it toute suite!  anyhow, there I was looking at it, and suddenly I saw my old Sammy dog in the china dog's face. 

Back to me para.  when Owner 'sees' her departed animals it is always a message dear folks and this, coupled with her dream of wearing a very beautiful black velvet cloak, seemed to have some significance.  First off, Owner thought it was Bertie who out of the blue develops a limp!  Before I could turn round and say ARE YOU SURE he is limping Owner and it is not your overwrought imagination, he was in the cat carrier and on his way to the Vets!!  Ten mins later, or so it seemed to me they were back.  WHAT, I ventured, IS THE Prognosis??  the limp vanished (to wherever limps go) says Owner BUT HE HAD AN IMFLAMMOTORY injection IN CASE (there is that in case thing again good folks, I ask you).  So, £s lighter and he has a injection OH and his nails clipped.  Me?? bearing with an over anxious over everything Owner.

Final and sad para. 
Sammy dog as he was, and as Owner sketched him - he is a star in our Easter Story too.  but he was there for Owner, in that brief second as she looked, to tell her he had come to fetch someone home.  And it was to be little Mouse, the tiniest of the famous five kittens.  Owner of course has been very sad, and it is sad, but little Mouse was not meant to stay here and has gone home now.  And the burial has taken place too.  HAVE YOU STOPPED Crying I says to Owner when she came back in from the good back yard.  Little Mouse's body is resting with Baba's buddleia, she goes, with a beauty late carnation flower and the spirit, the spirit is in the sky. Hankies away now folks......  We loved little Mouse.  And, to finish off, Owner planted the cross with the poppie on it, in the square planter.  it is done.  Now it is the famous four, and all are well.  Tinkers is a good mummy and as I say only hissed once or so.  Bertie is back eating for ingerland, and I am making Owner laugh by nesting in the luxury net curtain, dividing the living room from the rest of the wold, and I love it.  Now we must have our tea and watch lots of over the top singing and dancing to take our minds off.  To round off Owner's day, does she somehow wipe all photos from her memory card without trying or knowing how to do it.  It is THAT sort of a day I says, YES Wonka, she goes back ROLL ON TMRO.  Now do go steady out there in the Wold good folks wherever you are in it.  big Love Wonka x