Monday, 3 November 2014

Scientific Mundee

Wonka here.  Did she have an alright day with no jokes gone wrong you all shriek straight off??!! I MADE IT THROUGH THE DAY she tells me when she whirled back through the good front door and started on her other job!  US LOT... now we are all fed and that, with me first up and I made sure I was first by jumping up on one of the only surfaces in our pocket hanky kitchen as if to say I AM STARVING.  Then it was Bertie, then Rug then tTinkerbooley in the luxury shed.  Has Ruggles been usurped you all gasp up!  (I love that word I really do)  NO not for a minute. He was on his best heated pad stroke cuddly blanket first thing this morn whilst Tinkers was scouting about in the yard.  We love him.

New and very scientific para.  What are you on about now you all wonder up, as science can be scary.  Owner lasted through two, yes two Science lessons, being forced to listen to equations and volts and amps and current and more besides.  if this equals that and you times that by the other thing you get the answer.   On top of that little lot, she had to learn about metals and non metals and found time to read some posters on the wall that said:  you cannot become a Doctor or a Vet or a Dentist (I know I had to hide a smile when Owner told me that last one - surely our old dentist did not have to suffer chemistry? His head must have been bursting with formulae!) - anyway, yes all these honourable professions (trying saying that with a mouth full of dreamy biscuits) need a Chemistry GCSE.  blimey I said in response.  I mean metals and non metals, I can follow that bit, but the bonding thing and those electrons.......  I love it.

Good and scientific para.  in keeping with all things schoolish, we are harking back to the days at the school with the little people and Owner's good cartoons of it.  Luckily for them, science is still the interesting, intriguing and vital subject they all love to learn!  And not a volt or resistance in sight.
There it is!!  and there are all the little people......Owner says, little do they know!! When they move up the learning ladder all sorts of science awaits!  We love them...
Final keep it scientific para.   I have gone a bit rational, says Owner to me later on after the feeding frenzy of tea time.  OH YES, I said wondering when I was going to get some zzzzzzzzzzz in.  just because Owner is out all day doesn't mean I take it easy.   Oh no.  there are biscuits to peck at, Bertie all the time needs checking, oh alright and chasing, and then there are those pesky Vikings to watch out for.  The other day I thought I glimpsed one trying to wash the windows!!  anycase yes, Owner declares she is feeling logical and wotnot today and has caught the scientific approach.  Does that mean, I says carefully, that when your Twitter account recommends following people associated with the very one that has shunned you like a leper, you are able to laugh it off???  Well??  Yes, it is not worth my upset, she says back calm as you like.  I did say are you coming down with a scientific bug, caught off those pesky young people, but she didn't hear me above the whir of the fan in the bathroom.  Tonight we must be glued to Corrie and the continuing romance of Gail and thingy.  Michael.  Is he a conman.  Will she break the chain of psychopathic lovers in her life??  We cannot know as yet.  And bruverly rob is hiding out in a b & b.  yes.  Now it is only Mundee and I beg you all to go steady out there in the Wold wherever you are in it.  Big Love Wonka x