Saturday, 29 November 2014

Sleepy Satdee

Wonka here.  That is all Owner talks of these days.  How much sleep she had, when she got a DISTURBED night. when she is going to sleep and how she would like to go to sleep now.  anyone would think that Owner had sleep deprivation OR sleeplessness (long word and I will not be using again). it does affect your behaviour and I should know this because due to the new fostering situation whereby I have to share my home with no end of strays and kittwits and just plain anti social cats (Bertie Bubb) well my sleep has been affected.  And my resting up.  When I get in those dark corners, OR the second shelf up in the Narnia cupboard OR my beloved amazon box then I do get a tad of peace and quiet which to borrow  a word from Owner, is CONDUSIVE to sleep.  and I love it.

zzzzzzzzzz para.  Owner popped out to celebrate a birthday which was Grandsons.  Even then she reports nearly falling asleep whilst watching Frozen.  WAS IT GOOD I ventured up?  I WILL HAVE TO see it again she reported up.  As for the Jersey Boys Owner had this to say and I quote:  it was too slow to start off with and our attention spans wanted something quicker, louder, more colourful, with funny bits and (you guessed it) a Disney castle in the distance, a few power ballads.  In short, FROZEN.  LET IT GOOOOOO.  they loved it.x

sleepy hollow para.......  when Owner sleep walked back in to the usual round of feeding, cleaning, stroking, cuddling and telling off for this and that, I had a moment.  YOU! you all shout up!  yes little old me.  for some reason whilst I was searching in my toy bag for mousey, it grabbed hold of me and would not let go.  Even when I threw myself round and round and round the room it clung on to me until luckily Owner noticed the noise and carfuffle and said WHAT IS GOING ON!  she seized the bad toy bag and got it off me!!!
There it is!!   The bad toy bag and it is now with NO HANDLES!!  and there is giraffe peaking out!!  and next to it is dear mousey.  and at the bottom is just the top of last year's Christmas present.... I do wonder what I will be getting from Santa this year and NO I do not want a kitten.  (I love them x).
Final is it bedtime yet para.  Owner has talked of making decisions and such like and step one seemed to be the purchase of a LOTTO ticket.  We need money to finance it all she droned to me in the Narnia cupboard.  The said ticket is clinging to our lucky pisky and our lucky dangler donkey from the Tamar donkey sanctuary (Percy).  How can we not win??  And, Tinkers and the Boolleys are outside the box...........  soon be time for those boolleys to learn to feed and the other.  YES it is under discussion about WHAT to do.  for now, that is where it can stay good folks out there.  Tonight we are glued to Strictly and it's all around the wold dancing.  We have had bollywood style and amsterdam, style and Las Vegas style!!  Then it is on with some singing.........we are not sure who should win it except Owner does not want the girl to win who gets on her nerve.  (the last one).  Me??  I do love Andrea from Roma!  Now please do all of you go steady out there in the wold wherever you are in it.  big Love Wonka x