Thursday, 13 November 2014

Speedy Thursdee

Wonka here.  What now you all gasp up, has Owner been up to?  she has discovered one of her fave things to discover and that is how to convert time into useful time....She has gone mad on this kind of equation and will keep babbling on about balance and pay backs and getting out and getting in til I think I will go funny.  I FOUND OUT she droned, when she thought she had my attention...HOW TO GET TO THE SUPERMARKET in the lunch break..I am praying even now to the god of land speed records that she will not receive a ticket.  Even the nice teacher she sees in the staff room and who talks to her was amazed and had to repeat what she had done (what, gone to blibble blobbles in your lunch break!!!)  anyone would think she had gone to York and back!!  I whipped there Wonka, whipped round and whipped back.  I did whisper on about speed bumps and speed limits but only from deep in the dark corner where she may not have heard me. I OFFERED HIM A LIFT IF He WANTS TO GO, she continued on.  I wish him luck if he is on a shopping spree with Owner who will be at the checkout whilst he is still wondering which aisle the milk is in.  I love it.

speed of light para.  Today's little cartoon is to do with expenses.  you recall this is one of Owner's bugbears along with any other kind of form or ...(wait for it) red tape.  She has now been goodly and sat down nicely and completed that form from yesterdee.  She checked first with two agencies whether she had to fill it out or not and it was fill it out.   BLAST IT she shouts up, BUT she has now done it and all is calm.  Calmish.
There she is!  battling away with the figure work with me offering encouragement from a safe distance.  There are receipts to find and scan and really it is NOT a fave task.  I WOULDN'T MIND she moans up to me IF IT WAS WORTH MY TIME ON IT ALL.  The thing is, if Owner were draped around at home all day doing what she liked and watching a film here, writing a book there, coming up with a good cartoon somewhere else...well we all know SHE WOULD BE BORED!!  she loves it.
Final speedy Gonzales para.  no one said Owner still alive except me and perhaps a handfull of others will remember who that is Wonka.  I dare not say who is it then to Owner not when she is full flood and I want my tea time plus supper so I just nodded my head and rolled over.  Now Tinkerbooley is fine in her bedsit and all the kitwits are blooming.  Little Cadpig and Beau and Monkey and Marmalade.  Monkey lives up to his or her name as each time this kitwit cannot find his milk supply his little legs do battle with the nearest kitwit!  it is very funny to watch says Owner smiling.  I dare say I will inspect it all for myself soonish.  Bertie bubb is ensconced (like it) in his new cave stroke cat carrier and as for ruggles - life of riley.  Me? thanks for asking, I am bearing up you know and nearly moved into the Narnia cupboard myself!!  there is a nice cartoon coming up of this too.  Now last night did we manage Corrie times one and Cilla fell down the stairs and Chesney fell out with her.  He is angry at his Mum for childhood things.  Good Peetah is saying he must leave the street as all hate him and he might turn to the comfort of the bottle.  Who, we all wonder up, can replace our philandering, alcoholic, to blame for everything, Peetah.....   in Masterchef we are in love with Sean and so is Marcus.  Much to Owner's surprise she has taken to Marcus Wareing who previously she did not like.  he is smiling now.  That could be it.  Then we managed the Apprentice, just about, and our fave talk a lot lad about town Mark is clinging onto the competition somehow.  Beeanchor was terribly annoying and she is still in it too.   Tonight we must watch more masterchef and call it a night.  Fridee tmro and all are ready for this to happen.  Now do go steady out there in the Wold good folks wherever you are in it.  Big Love Wonka x