Monday, 15 December 2014

All Change Mundee!

Wonka here.  Day 15 of December and the good run up to the day itself.  Here is our little offering.............

We've already seen that!  You all gasp up and say!  OH NO YOU HAVEN'T!!  (oh yes we have you all whisper)  the thing is you really haven't because at around 1pm last night when Owner should have been tucked in her pit with the honey monster aka Bertie bubb on the pillycase next door to her head - well instead of that she was UPLOADING.  I AM DETERMINED  she goes to me, waking me up from a lovely dream and zzzzzzzzzzzzzz OH! I goes back with a start, and then had to seem interested - WHAT ARE YOU DOING Owner I ventures up zzzzzzzzzz  OH!  they said the first cover HAD BEEN REJECTED - well we all know that Owner cannot bear rejection of any kind so I do understand that she must beaver away and change the cover into a more suitable one for dearly beloved
BEHOLD!  The cover of our story, Joe's Christmas is now accepted with some (quote) SUBTLE (love this word) changes.  personally I cannot see why one is better than another and if you care to compare (ooer) the two, I dare you to notice what is right with one and what is wrong with the other.  There I have said it.  But not to worry!  as Part One is uploaded, and Part two and three await...........................we love it and will be popping them on smashwords in time for the Day. x
Final all changarooni para.  Now what has Owner done you all worry up?  She has chucked in her job with that agency.  The same agency that messed up her pay, rang her up at 7 in the morning and did not notice if she was doing well or not.  I HAVE DONE the right thing she drones to me this morning, and I am letting her off because I heard her book an appointment with another agency.  In early January.  New year new start she announces and took the words out of my paw.  I rest my case and paws and whiskers and everything!  She then went onto have a positive meeting about aged sibling and came back through the good front door on positive setting.  Tomorrow we must wrap up warm and find lots to do as the new Boiler is coming to live in Bathroom land.  And she has had one of those advance texts to warn you of another repair and that is the relatively new washer.  The salesperson in the shop she bought it from said IT IS NOT NEW and IT IS PROBABLY THE FILTER we clean them out all the time with hairgrips in them.  I am proud of Owner for not driving to the shop, finding the said saleperson, putting him in the nearest 'relatively new' washer and popping him on rinse and spin.  There, and I am not as you know given to violence of any sort.  Well perhaps when the Vikings turn up then.  In the dancing our faves all shot through to the Final and in the singin. it was Haenow Haenow who won out over the one who gets on Owner's last nerve.  A small victory then.  Tonight we are cuddled up to Corrie and the romeo and Juliet storyline is building up nicely.  no pun intended Owner says to put.  How so, I challenged up?  Because Wonka she droned, one of them is a builder.  OH I says showing lots of interest as it is surely supper time.  Now do go steady out there in the Wold good folks wherever you are in it.  Big Love Wonka x