Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Back to the future Wednesdee

Wonka here. Owner has often said and I have been listening up, that things we did a long time ago or just in the past suddenly start paying off..What?  I goes sounding all interested (just before my tea time and I was starving) is now paying off Owner?   ALL MY STORIES are coming back to life she goes to me, AND I finally feel normal trotting into a school.  IT FEELS RIGHT.  So anyone out there struggling away and miles away from their good old comfort zone take heart.  In ten years time or more, you will feel confident and able to manage.  All those old dreams will be taking shape and coming true!!!  I love it.

Fresh back to the future para and cartoon:  continuing the good series of illustrations from Joe's Christmas.
Here it is!  One of the original designs that Owner did for the glass paperweight or snowstorm that turns up in the story of Joe's Christmas.  it is there in little Joe's home, brought there by his Grandma, and it is also to be found on the Manager's desk up there in the heaven of the Return's Dept.  So really good folks, this is central to the story and the wishes coming true. There in the glass ball you all see the Christmas tree with the star on the top.  and when the star falls will have to read the story to find out.  Don't forget it is a Wonka Presents story too.  I love it. x
Back to the future finally para.  so all those things that happened a long time ago sometimes pop up again in the present and the future!  Take today droned Owner to me after she skipped back in with more supplies. She has only been back to a school she first went to two years ago AND felt like an old hand.  I did have to question this up because for the life of me I could not say Owner's hands were old not with all that age defying hand cream!  it turns out it is just a turn of phrase and means feeling comfortable with what you are doing.  IT HAD TO HAPPEN eventually I says up, I mean I wasn't born knowing everything, but gradually I just started being wise and advisory and being good at telling stories for Owner.  Quick update on the Boolleys, well Owner is trying to coax them to eat but somehow it is Tinkers who beats them all to the bowl.  YOU ARE NOT A KITTEN says Owner, but she is smiling.  She has been on smiling setting all day and I can only put it down to the Christmas that has descended on this household.  SOUND OF KLAXON ALERT!!!! News good folks....Owner is to take a look at a new house tomorrow.  It looked wonderful in the picture and even I could imagine myself on the windy sill looking out like I do.  BUT, steady as you go is my sage advice to Owner in fact I says (quote) NO sudden moves.  Now do go steady yourselves good folks out there in the Wold wherever you are in it.  Big Love Wonka x