Sunday, 7 December 2014

Big Sundee

Wonka here.  this dear folks out there is the seventh Day of December.  And lo and behold does Owner plump for a bit of the Nativity story.  Personally I'm in favour of this specially as it is to do with Christmas and all.  Owner has a little tea light holder of Mary and Joseph with the babe.  It is busy lighting up our mantelpiece along with the Santa.  All these people came to light up our way, like those stars up in the heavens.  Blimey I've gone all poetic and Owner says that is what Christmas does to you.  I love it.

Fresh and Big para:  here is another in our series of illustrations from #joeschristmas which I am of course presenting:

This is 'small Neddy' as Owner calls it, just of the many illustrations of the magic rocking horse.  He was a former racehorse until he was 'returned'!!  And it was the Manager of the Returns Dept up there in the heavens who sends him back to Earth (returned him.)..........which is when he came to live with little Joe and his Mum at Horace Poole Close.  ooohhhhh.  We love it. x

Final Bigger and better para.  Owner says her fave film (in her top ten or is it twenty.  At her age it will prob be twenty.....ONLY JOKING OWNER) Big is on at 7.  THIS CLASHES, she reports up, WITH EVERYTHING.  and it does.  it clashes with Corrie which has suddenly appeared to be on at 7 and it clashes with the Dancin results show.  We are spoilt for choice.  After all of that, then there is the over the top and to quote the man for all tv shows, Simon Ghoul, 'emotionally charged' semi final results of the singin!!  In the Hex Factor semi final!our fave Ben (haenow haenow don't DREAM it's over....) was nearly sobbing into his halleluljahs (however you do spell that word) last night.  Today has gone by in segments.  Frist up Owner has a peaceful night which is just as well because Tinkers GOT ON HER NERVE.  And I say nerve on purpose because it is the last one folks,  IT IS NOT THE BOOLLEYS she shouts up, it is YOU Tinkers!!!  I says mind out Owner you will frighten little monkey and marmalade and cadpig and Beau.  so instead of shouting she counts to ten.  Did it work you all worry up??  yes it did.  Me??  good as gold.  a mild hiss here and there and to be fair, it is warranted.  Bertie Bubb?  nice as ninepence.  Ruggles top??  minding his own.  so yes, it is Tinkers who is stepping over the mark.  So really it was swimming, shopping and shouting up segments.  with a bit of snooker thrown in for our hero of all time Ronnie O Sullivan only potted another 147 breakarooni!!  he a legend.   Now the good week is upon us nearly and who knows what it will cough up so LET US BE READY for it.  do go steady out there in the Wold good folks wherever you are in it.  Big Love Wonka x.