Friday, 5 December 2014

Brain freeze Fridee

Wonka here.  It is now the fifth day of December good folks out there all nicely prepared for the day whilst us?  in this house??  we have a few lights here and there and the Santa tea light holder is out but really I would say we are under prepared.  There I have said it.  I HOPE goes Owner when she fell in at top speed ready for the heating engineer who as yet has not turned up. I CAN PUT MORE things out to make it more Christmassy.  You could, I ventured up, use the time you are waiting for the engineer to do that in.... but she didn't hear me above rushing round making sure there weren't any embarrassing things for him to see when HE DOES GET HERE.  I love him (he is very used to the boiler and knows it on first name terms. x)

Good brain freeze para.    Owner's brain has seized up due to being a maths teacher all day.  Well of course she is not a maths teacher but standing in and up for the ones who for whatever reason could not do it.   After a full day at it she can barely add 2 + 2 now.  Luckily we do not need any maths in this house, just lots of food and cuddles.  For our Christmas cartoon, another in the series for you:

There it is!  The Snowstorm with the tree inside and the star, which in this picture, has fallen off the tree!  it is on the Manager of the Return's Dept desk, and when she sees it, she has to look at the rules.  A falling star is special, and means the wish will always come true.  Oooh, I wonder who will be lucky.  This is of course from our Christmas story, Wonka presents, Joe's Christmas, and since Owner has been very busy, there are lots of illustrations this year.  We love it.
Final frozen up para.  Now at last, the good week is behind us with all its ups and downs and the weekend is ICI.  TRES BON!!  tomorrow Owner is to go out for lunch with aged sibling and it is the first Christmas meal of them all.  she knows what she will wear (until that changes) and hopes to enjoy some good company.  meanwhile, back at this ranch, the kittens are still treading through the biscuits and refusing to be weaned, whilst Mummy Tinkers is busy eating her food and their food when it is put out to tempt them into growing up.  I mean.  Bertie bubb is solid in the Narnia Cupboard and I am slowly getting used to being the topcat, but in less space.  Ruggles top is nicely on the linen box and no one not even a cat expert would believe he used to live outside.  no.  So do enjoy your Friday eve good folks out there in the Wold wherever you are in it.  Big Love Wonka x