Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Eve of Christmas Wednesdee

Wonka here.  At last some of you good folk are saying it is Day 24 of the month of December... so for our last advent in the series..........

There we are!!  this is an old but special photo as it is of the evening and the little pink stars that light up our kitchen window shine out there.  I think Ruggles sees the lights on and knows we are in.  Just saying.  the other good news for this evening is that there is a new moon for us!  Has Owner made a wish you all chirp up and say!  YES and she will not say what it is.  But it made her smile anyway like all good wishes do.  MAKE your wishes tonight like Owner has and watch for them to come true!  xx

Short and sweet eve of the day para:   Owner is now to make the mince pies and must wash this down with a sherry.  yes there is more sherry because I reclassified it as an essential buy.  Thank you Wonka! she says to me when she heard the news.   She has had a nice lunch with aged sibling and parent all civilised and went to plan nicely she reported up when she fell back in with last minute things (biscuits, sweets,more sweets, popcorn and more sweets.)  Do please enjoy your little selves out there this season of joy and hope and we wish you nothing but the best time of it.  Me?  snugging down in my box and dreaming of a white chicken, (sorry chickens!) Bertie is upstairs in wardrobe land dreaming of more food and it doesn't matter what, and Rug is settled up on the linen box washing.  Yes I approve of that.  Now there will be a little holiday for me over the next couple of days and then we return Satdee!!  So in between times, do read The Story of Joe's Christmas ( as all three parts are published now.  Thank you uploading god!  AND, take it steady wherever you are in the Wold!  Big Love and Big peace Wonka x