Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Eve of Eve Surprise Tuesdee!!

Wonka here.  I am bursting with pride folks!!! WHYFOR you all shriek up!!  This is why.............
HERE IT IS!!!!  Our last surprise tale of the year................................... Owner gets up this morning full of woe on about toothache (I says it is sinus Owner but does she listen up? eventually.....) and the heating which did not start up on its own but needed all her engineering and plumbing ability.  Yes I know.  And then it happened.  IT IS NEARLY NEW YEAR'S EVE she says to me.. I rested my paws and everything folks but I did hear her out.  I HAVE A STORY she chirps up, for that very day and that day only.  WHERE is it Owner? I says, hoping for some extra portions or more dreamy biscuits.

IN THE DRAWER she says back and before we can say Jack Robinson (sorry Jack Robinson but it is just a saying we have in our little old backwater) she has found it and is busy sorting it out.  I AM DETERMINED she droned to publish it today for all the folks stroke folk who love our stories.  RIGHTO I goes back because I really do admire this stubborn streak and in any case I like telling the stories.  OR as our mate Simon Ghoul says, I don't like it  I LOVE IT.

Final happy go lucky surprise of the eve of the eve para.  SO SHE HAS DONE IT.  it is uploaded to www.smashwords.com and we love it loads.  it is a ghostly story and Owner says she was prompted to write it all due to our hero Mr Charles Dickens.  It is a haunting tale set on New Year's Eve and has a cold hearted spinster at the helm!  she did remind me good folks, of bad owner from last year's Christmas Story.  YES, goes Owner, they have a lot in common.  OOOHHHH.   so that is our final gift to our faithful readers stroke reader out there in the Wold.  It is strange though, for Owner to remember this story at the last minute....................now tomorrow which really is New Year's Eve, we will have more to tell.  til then, go steady out there in the Wold good folks, wherever you are in it.  Big Love Wonka x