Monday, 1 December 2014

First day December!

Wonka here.  On the first day of December......
Here it is...Owner's first ever illustration from Joe's Christmas!  and we are hoping to present this as our Christmas story!   There is little Joe fast asleep on the back of the star of this story, Neddy.  Neddy is a rocking horse and they are travelling through the night to the Returns Dept to make a wish come true.  And yes!!!  I love it. x
First day para. Owner has had a nice relaxing day AND get this.  She has watched The Jersey Boys and Loved it!!  It needed to be watched alone at home she droned to me (shereeeee sheree babeeee).  yes it is good the bits I peaked at and yes there are several hanky moments.
Final round up of the first day para.  update of the Boolleys, so far they are all nestling in the igloo.  don't forget goes Owner to me on one of her endless journeys upstairs, that little monkey was in there with Tinkers when I arrived at the shed nearly 4 yes 4 weeks ago!!  It gets more and more like the lowly cattle shed I ventured up.  I was tempted to hum away in a manger but stopped myself just in time.  Call me sentimental but I have listened to Owner droning on about little Beau this and little cadpig that and of course marmalade without falling asleep zzzzzzzzzzzzzz OH excuse me!!
Now all of you out there on this very first day of December, let us make this a good month, a month of hopes and dreams coming true - me? thanks for asking!   You know I love Owner millions and cannot wait to present our latest tale.............. do go steady out there in the Wold good folks wherever you are in it.  Big love Wonka x