Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Ginger up Tuesdee

Wonka here.  Day 16 of this good month December!  and here is our advent for you..........

Here it is!!  The falling star from the little glass snowstorm.......a star we can all make a wish on!  go on, make your special wish and send it out there to the Returns Dept.........The Manager is waiting to make it come true.  Just think of all those wishes being processed (by the Old Administrator) and all those returns to Earth.  What would you come back as??  Owner is fond of saying (quote) this is her last time round.  Me?  thanks for asking and I rather fancy myself as a small pug dog............  I love it! x

Ginger it up para.  Why ginger you all question up?  Because (list) 1.  Last night as Owner was foraging (like this word) in one of the lopsided cupboards on the wall - she says they are like that funny house thing in the funfair where everything is tilted and when you look in the mirror you get a fright (no I did not make a joke here folks) - well as Owner likes to call this good home, the house that Jack built.  So as she was searching for the brown sugar out falls one of her little seasoning jars.  2.  OH she goes because it just missed her head and Ruggles who was directly underneath.  And 3. when she picks up said jar it is GINGER.   Perhaps she says to me in wonderment, we need some ginger in our lives.  LIKE?  I says back - I mean can it get anymore exciting, what with the tinkerboolleys episode, packing in jobs, all these pesky repairs??  I could do with some nice things happening she droned back.  And then blow us down if the good repair man to fit the new boiler (which we love already.  lots) is a ginger top.  so there.  All good things are ginger for today. x

Final ginger it up para.  YES is the answer.  The new boiler is installed and it has a little square window with a blue light.  Even better says Owner, it is no longer encased in a wooden cupboard that she used to knock her head on.  In agreement with ginger top boiler man, WE DO NOT NEED IT BACK ON!  The heating is back on and all the radiators are searing hot.  it is like the Sahara desert in here even though I have never been there, I am saying it is.  AND, the washer repair person is due tomorrow morn.  Owner says she is braced up for this.  And a new person called Carl is inspecting the poor back door on Thursdee.  Ginger top said it was FALLING TO BITS.  he is right.  And here is our last wondrous update on the Ginger theme.  My advent on MY advent calendar was a ginger cat called Maisie.  A ginger cat has made an appearance in Back Yard Land....and it was saying hallo to Ruggles.  I thought I saw it on the step dangerously near to poor back door.  DO NOT, ON ANY ACCOUNT I droned to Owner but she was too busy glegging at Kevin and Frankie on it Takes Two and they are comparing themselves to...........Fred Astaire and GINGER Rogers.  And on this last ginger note I am signing off.  Do go steady out there in your ginger top Wold wherever you are in it.  And specially if you are a Ginger person.  (I love it)  Big Love Wonka x