Friday, 12 December 2014

Good Morning Fridee

Wonka here.  Day 12 of December folks out there and pretty chilly it was too!  When Owner set off this good morn with the car of no name to the garage just over the bridge she reported the moon still in the sky and a beauty view either side.  Can you see the Sea from it I ventured up to show interest just prior to being fed and spoilt rotten.....The sea through the other little bridge and the Grand Hotel to the left hand side she goes all lit up with excitement.  She was snapping away as she walked into town and then it stopped for the other S to take over which is of course SPENDING.   Because it is Christmas and the season of good will I am tolerating this massive attack on the credit card.  I love it. (Christmas) x

Good morning para and cartoon break:

Aha!!  here is an illustration of little Joe's Mum making her Christmas List and wondering how on earth she can make it all happen.  she puts the list under the snowstorm on the TV and goes to bed thinking it won't be much of a Christmas.  but magic is underway and Neddy will carry little Joe through the night to that special Dept, the Returns Dept,  where wishes are processed and granted.  OOOHH, soon be time for this story to be told.  We love it.

Final good morning para.   I have got all the presents she says to me taking all these gifts out of the bags.  Then WHY, I goes up, have you bought a black jumper with holes in it?  I THOUGHT IT WAS MIDNIGHT BLUE she says back, and it seems the good assistant who persuaded Owner to buy the most expensive tweezers in the Wold (should be gold plated for that I said up but Owner was too busy rustling through the receipts to hear me) - yes the assistant thought it was blue too.  mark you, she could have said anything to keep Owner's interest, I know these shop assistants and their targets.  yes.  ~anyhow, it is Black with holey bits and Owner said she looked like an old hag in it when she tried it on.  NO I didn't agree with that!!  I advised Owner to try it on when she is (list) 1.  not worn out to the gunnels 2.  not depressed and missing the Boolleys 3.  had a night's sleep uninterrupted by neighbours in taxis, or cats or kittens or Bertie using the facilities.  ALRIGHT I WILL, she went back yawning.  At least the holey bits aren't black.  I love it.

Real final good morning para:  Owner says she is all repaired out and doesn't want anything else to break down.  Including her.  She survived a phone call about aged sibling in between choosing Christmas cards and says it didn't make her lose focus overmuch.  I have checked the said cards and they are all suitable and for the right people.  No I didn't see one which said to my beloved bestest ever in the whole Wold and back again and the solar system and beyond. BUT she could be hiding it.  Now all are in a fever of Christmas food and presents and visitings and need to just calm down. Owner says she is calm and to be fair I have not heard her shouting.  Now do go steady out there in the Wold good folks wherever you are in it and whether you are preparing for Christmas or just a nice day or two.  Big Love Wonka x