Thursday, 11 December 2014

Goodbye Thursdee

Wonka here.  it is now Day 11 of December and time for some Santa baby.
There he is, our Santa tealight holder.  He is all candled up and on our mantelpiece.  Today, we need some Father Christmas in our life so here he is.  Make a wish on him! and we hope it comes true.
Goodbye para.  yes you have guessed it this time.  The Boolleys and Mummy Tinkers are on the next bit of their life journey in Vet Land and then RSpCA land and then..........their new homes.  Will they be alright you all shout up?!  YES we shout back.  Owner has nearly stopped weeping and reports this:  they all cuddled up in the carrier and Tinkers was AS GOOD AS GOLD in the other one.  They have their igloo and their mice (one each) and the big red furry mouse that was there before them. Tinkers has her own mousey too.  Monkey clung to Owner's leg and we thought she might cave in but she didn't.  She came back with two empty carriers and wept.  Me?  tears of joy folks that the Land of Front Bedroom is vacant again!!  Bertie bubb even came out of the Narnia cupboard to celebrate.  And Ruggles?  I think he knew all along.  He is a wise ruggles.  now today passed by in a straggle (new word made it up and I love it) of hard things to bear by Owner.  ~The boiler will be replaced Tuesdee so we have a FULL REPAIR DAY to get anxious about, there are fresh things to sort out for aged sibling that may mean meetings and phone calls (reach for the Sherry Owner) and the Washing Machine has been a nuisance.  SURELY shouts Owner I SHOULDN'T HAVE TO SLAM THE DOOR TO START it??  I says don't tell the repair service about that Owner but she didn't hear me above slamming the door to get it to start. That more or less sums the day up here but since Owner found the Christmas Sherry she's been nice and quiet and hasn't mentioned the Boolleys for minutes on end.   We have of course sent a massive prayer up to St Francis, and Santa and popped money in the wishing well for the love to get to Tinkers and the Boolleys. x so do go steady out there in the Wold good folks wherever you are in it.  Big Love Wonka x