Sunday, 28 December 2014

Holidays ahoy Sundee

Wonka here.   Howdy folks and if Owner says one more time what day is it............  before I forget here follows a photoshoot all about Christmas pressies.  Me?  in the post she says.  OR til I see the right thing.  I mean I would be happy with another catnip mousey or fish or monkey.  OH NO I said Monkey and that will start Owner off about the kitwits.  Oh it is alright she is busy with the tea in the kitchen so she didn't hear me.
At last! you all (our beloved reader) shout up! a photoshoot with you in it!!  yes indeed that is me with my bestest mousey in the entire known universe plus an old toy stocking that used to be Golly's.  Some of you new readers to this best blog in the entire known universe will not know who Golly is.  it is was.  Golly was the feline who let me in  before popping off to the sanctuary in the sky headed up by St Francis.  Well as Owner likes to remind me, Golly did not ever look at the stocking or play with it.  YES I have played with it, bitten it, thrown it up in the air and I LOVE IT.  Miss you Golly!  hankies away now folks! x
Final holidays are on the cards para:  I am not bearing a grudge about the Christmas present future.  no.  Owner says I should put future gift or our reader will be confused.  UNLIKELY I says back but she was too busy looking for something decent on the tv to hear me.  We have gone from Out of Africa (She goes to me, 'that Meryl is getting on my nerves and so is Robert Redford'.  I thought she loved him.) to Heroes of Telemark oh no that was earlier on, sorry Kirk Douglas, and then onto the ever brilliant ever watchable Raiders of the Lost Ark.  Why, I droned up, could we not have watchd this from the start?  Anyhow, she has been looking at Rome.  At Turin, and the Eurostar folks,  She has found out, that she can set off from here, get to London, leave there for Paris, have a light lunch and then onto Turin for supper.  IF, she felt like it, she could get to Rome. by train all in one day.  Who I wondered up, wants to get to Rome in dribs and drabs?  ME for one she shouts up all excited by the thought of swishing past the Alps and turning up in Turin which all the guides say is UNDERESTIMATED.  well that would depend what you are estimating I says up, but she didn't hear me above shouting for Ruggles 5 minutes after he had decided to pop out.  I will keep you posted about Rome, it may come off yet, but hang on there is New Year's Eve to navigate first!  All those memories!  all that useless tv!   Go steady out there folks in the Wold wherever you are in it, and careful at the back end of the year.  Big Love Wonka x