Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Last Post 2014 Wednesdee!!

Wonka here.   Here we go folks.. sailing into a New Year with high hopes and dreams ahoy!!  yes we lots to tell you and a review of 2014.................

There it is!!  Owner's round up for the year 2014 which started off with the Fab Four in Paris for Jan, rain and cold in Feb, Bertie by the gate in March and a trip to cornwall and beloved Percy donkey at the Tamar Sanctuary for Easter!  in May we had the other dream ticket to the Crucible in Sheffield (Owner is mad about the snooker!) and in June June JUUUUUNE!!  it is me of course. x July sees Schools out for Summer and then another trip Cornwall bound for another Fab Four reunion.  September is all about the birthdays (Owner, daughter, aged sibling, niece,best friend...) and then October for Halloween, Nov for more of the same and fireworks and then it is December time!  What a grand finale to our year............ more Wonka stories, Joe's Christmas and our final parting gift of a New Year's Eve story.   it can only get better folks.........  more holidays YES, more stories YES and all washed down with lots more fun. We love it x

Final para of the year para!!!  today has passed by with a round of visits and according to Owner, all is well out there.  The shops have had a visit and I have given the two soft bargain pillows a TICK followed by another TICK for a bargain DVD.  WHAT IS IT you all gasp up??  It is one of those survival films that says quote 'gripping from start to finish' and 'tense and brilliant' which to be fair are both ways to describe Owner wouldn't you know!!!!  anyhow the film is called.....LONE SURVIVOR and she says it will be perfect for when daughter stops by. They love these films, where you are on an endless chase or on the run and it is freezing and you are surrounded by wolves and then hunters with guns.  Actually I might watch it too.  Now tonight as we drift towards the midnight hour and 2014 will be gone and 2015 IS HERE,  we may see it in with good #tonyblackburn on beloved Radio 2, as we love him.  Owner has saved a morsel of sherry to toast us on our way and it simply remains for ME, Owner, Bertie Bubb and Ruggles (the recipient of one of the super soft new pillows.  The other one was old and worn goes Owner.  I know) to wish our faithful readers stroke reader A WONDERFUL AND SPECTACULAR New Year.  Big Love Wonka x