Thursday, 18 December 2014

Magic Thursdee

Wonka here.  Day 18 of this good month of December and here is out little advent....

There it is!!  the glass snowstorm that is on the Manager's desk and. turns up in little Joe's home courtesy of his Grandma.  Magic is at work all through our story, and we like to think is busy working for us out of it!!  Like before we invite you to wish upon the star - who knows if it will reach into the Returns Dept and come back to you as your dream wish come true!  We do hope so because, we love it! x
Magic para.  Someone, and I'm saying it was not me, was pat and mick in the night.  yes that is something called rhyming slang.  I blame Bertie Bubb.  And that's all I have to say. WHOEVER IT WAS goes Owner busy with the wipes, the sponges, the tissue, the smelly stuff, the carpet cleaner CAN PACK IT UP.  I said, we will all die first of cleaning stuff poisoning but she didn't hear me above prising open the poor back door to look for Ruggles.  yes we can rule him out. Why was he outside you all gasp up in worriment.   he asked to go out right on Owner's bedtime and she pronounced thus (big word but like it):  and (list) 1.  he wants to go out.  2.  It is not raining (yet) 3.  he has a warm and snug and safe place to go (the luxury shed) 4.  I am too tired to keep mucking about with this door.  and while I have mentioned the poor back door I must also tell you that NO SIGN of Carl to inspect it and give Owner an estimate to pop anything in its place.  The doorbell did ring earlier and straight away I dived upstairs to avoid the Vikings.  WAS IT THEM I enquired half an hour later when I trundled back down.  ITWAS POSTIE she goes, riving open some new cards from people she hasn't sent one to. (yet).  I love it.
Real final magic para.  magic happens all the time but we don't know it is says Owner to me.  Is that why you are talking to yourself, I goes? helpfully I thought and, it was close on my tea time.  DO I! she says back to me muttering away - I heard a small incantation that seemed to go:  please let the aged sibling prob resolve itself IN OUR FAVOUR, and please let our Christmas be happy and bright...I thought I heard one all about little Monkey boolley (please let Monkey come back to us if it is written in the stars) and if that is right I would have to add a bit of magic of my own that says AND IF WONKA IS OK WITH THAT!!  anyone would think I am completely anti social!!  I rest my paws and everything. now tonight we have the final episode of the fearful thriller THE FALL.  And just to flag up, we are on with our masterchef finalists who were all crying away last night BUT not because of nice Marcus Wareing who is smiling away and acting like a really friendly person.  I love him and he is my new hero. x  Now do go steady out there in the Wold good folks wherever you are in it.  Big Love Wonka x