Monday, 8 December 2014

Messed up Mundee

Wonka here.  Day 8 of December folks and our advent calendars are all go go go.  Owner had a tree on hers and me?  thanks for asking I have cats on mine naturally, and today it is a cat called Sevvy.  Owner has been out all day covering for those poor teachers who cannot teach for today.  I WAS A BIT MESSED up she droned, for a Music lesson and a thing called PD.  What is that I said full of interest as I was due for a large helping of fodder?  Personal Development she goes back.  Well that would mess anyone up I says helpfully and as for the music they all ended up singing we'll meet again.  Which is alright because it is about the War.  OH I says to this, not quite so keen as I had a big plate of good as it looks to tackle.

Out best messed up para.  For today, Owner has found more illustrations for you
Here we are!  this is an original sketch from Owner's ancient computer thingy.  It was an application that wasn't called that as it was too old.  A bit like you Owner!  Only Joking !!!!  so there she is, the Manager of the Returns Dept and she is looking at the snowstorm we have told you about, and inside you can see the tree with all the decorations and suddenly! does the star on the top fall out and onto her desk............all in #joeschristmas, which I will be presenting, so #wonkapresents.  When you all wonder up, will it be published??  Owner is hoping for this weekend.  I love it. x

Final messed up good and proper para.  yesterdee you may recall I had to tell Owner off.  OH YES!  you all gasp up thinking of poor Owner slaving away at work and at home, and then thinking what has she done.  Well she did shout up a tad in the Land of Front Bedroom due to Tinkers.  it is only a little mishap I went to her when she arrived back down below, and (listen to this sage advice...) WORSE THINGS HAPPEN AT SEA.  I am sorry she starts up, sorry to Tinkers and specially sorry to the Boolleys who are blissfully unaware that Owner is on LOSING IT setting.  She has stayed sorry and has promised to forgive them all whatever they do next.  And to prove it she has refilled all, yes all the catnip fish and mouseys.  Even the Boolleys are playing with their one.  Well really it is Tinker's catnip toy but if it keeps them occupied......Of course all is peaceful and calm today and the messed upness simply moved from home to work.  I love it loads.  Now tonight we are clinging to whatever is on.  Anything that lulls Owner into a sense of wellbeing we shall watch.  Rug is being good atop the linen basket and Bertie is parked up in the Narnia cupboard.  All is well.  Now do go steady good folks out there in the Wold wherever you are in it.  Big Love Wonka. x