Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Momentous Wednesdee

Wonka here.  Day 10 of the good month of December folks and we are going to have a different advent today.
There she is!! Tinkerbelle and the Boolleys, from left to right there is the Cadpig (diamond patch on back) then Beau, then Marmalade then Monkey who is laying underneath everyone like a good Monkey should.  Owner has fallen in love with them BUT has had to make a momentous(what a word! word up!) decision.  WHAT is it you all gasp up?  they are all to be rehomed via the good vets and RSPCA.  ~For all you good folks out there who are thinking what is this RSPCA, it is international (we hope) and stands for the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.  The Vets are to take all the boolleys and Mummy Tinkers and look after them all, having them vaccinated and micro chipped and neutered (don't even mention it) and such like UNTIL the best homes in the Wold are found.  It is all happening tmro at 11 am and I am proud of Owner for taking this step.  LET IT GOOOOOOOO.  this is Owner's big problem in life and the lesson she must learn good folks, and like the song goes, she must just let go and see what happens.   It is a proper Christmas Story this - and, as Owner has pointed out, very like the story I told you last Christmas (Wonka's Christmas Story on #smashwords) which is pretty amazing OR to quote Owner like I do, it is synchronicity at work.  And we love it.
Momentous para.   What else is such a big decision making thing you all wonder up.  the heating engineer did trundle on down and had this to say:  YOU WILL NEED A NEW BOILER.  This will take all day to do and Owner is already on a giant worrywart.  between this, the Boolleys and the car with no name......did I mention it is to have that essential repair done on it come Fridee??  How you all ask up, can Owner find time to get to work, slave away and come home to you all with all these things happening??  SHE CAN'T.  I have emailed the agency, Owner droned to me late this aft, (quote) to let them know I am NOT AVAILABLE.  OH, I goes back, they will love that then.  But she didn't hear me above planning for the removal of the boolleys.  they are going in a small cat carrier with their catnip mice and Mummy Tinkers in the big one (with her catnip mouse), which I have sat in occasionally and so has Bertie Bubb.  come to think on it, so has Ruggles top when he went for his tail op.  Best not to mention that one today to Owner, as she got a black eye out of it! SSHHHH.  so in keeping with the Christmas count down we have one repair on the back of another.  And a rehoming thrown in.  Tonight we must be glued to Corrie if it is on and the demise (good use of word) of Kylie.  Who else is having a demise?  Thingy who lives with Eileen and is sans partner (get me!) has met a Vicar.  or is that a dilemma??  Anyways, do go steady out there in the Wold good folks wherever you are in it.  Big Love Wonka x