Saturday, 20 December 2014

Mulled Wine Satdee

Wonka here.  It is now Day 20 of this good month December folks!!  And our little advent cartoon is of course from Joe's Christmas............

There he is!!  Neddy is of course the star of this story as he carries us and little Joe from start to end - and like the loyal creature that all horses are, he is the kind of friend we would all like in our lives.  This horse is a special horse, returned to the place he wanted and straight into our hearts.  We love you! x

Mulled wine para.  you guessed it, I have had to contend with an Owner who has (list) 1.  finished off the Christmas sherry early, and NO I am not having the excuse of well it was this and OH I had enough of that.  it simply means she has no sherry now for Christmas (I may relent.  I may have to relent.)  2.  has been to the resident's Christmas party where aged parent is, and drunk mulled wine.  usually Owner does not indulge saying things like 'OH NO I MUSTN'T' and 'I'M DRIVING' - but whatever has happened to make her let go of all this sense and instead have a bit of fun, well it's beyond me.  I am as you know keen to see Owner happy (as this makes me happy and beyond that I get extra portions) but sozzled??  The other big news of the day is not a surprise and I am even now gathering my strength for it.  She has contacted a good friend who knows where the Boolleys are (the kitwits) and suggested that if, IF, Monkey boolley is still skittering about she wants to take her back in.  That is if it is a she.  It seems Monkey is still up for grabs.  How I will cope I cannot say.  YOU WILL HAVE TO droned Owner gabbling on about igloos and kitten milk.  And as for Bertie bubb the most anti social cat I know.....The jury dear folks is OUT. x

Final mulled wine a gogo para.  Tonight we have the Strictly Finale!!  we still love Simon best because we do.  so it does not matter who is the best at this or does the best at that because He is our winner, and so is Kristina.  We love them.  So it is action stations in this house to get us fed. (priority) and then Owner can maybe have some food.  hang on, is that a glass of wine I spy??  Must dash as need to supervise Owner!  Do go steady yourselves out there in the Wold wherever you are in it. Big Love Wonka x