Friday, 19 December 2014

Part Two Fridee!!

Wonka here:  yes siree!  on the 19th Day of this good month December there is Part Two of the story.............

There we are!!  to read more about #wonka presents! The story of Joe's Christmas go to and use the tag #wonka to find the #wonka series or use the enjoy this second helping of our best Christmas Story to date!  in this part of the story we find out more about the Old Administrator and what happens to the wishes.....and there is one more instalment to follow.  Let the magic and sparkle be with you!  xx
Final part two para.  if at first, droned Owner to me this morning, you don't succeed........and this was all because of yet another glitch when she goes to upload the good part two.  YOUR FILE IS TOO BIG says the message.  And it is no good saying to herself OH NO IT ISN'T it is exactly to the limit, because no one can hear you from good smashwords in America land to our tiny island.  I mean I could hear Owner chuntering and such like and more than once I did say, careful Owner!  and watch you don't delete something by mistake!  She may not have heard me above chuntering though.  BUT it is safely uploaded for all to read and only part Three to go!!  And, we have more exciting uploads last night was tense due to poor situations going on in real life and poor situations going on a la telly (The Fall)  we got by it all and out the other side to this morning folks and I must say Owner has cracked on.  Fielding phone calls, answering the door (scrap merchant.  they said) ignoring the phone and getting in a few essentials.  and some new fairy lights for aged parent.  the parcel that had been expected tried to deliver itself as soon as Owner sped off round the corner and we had an anxious time reading the card from the Postie and waiting for said neighbours to BE IN.  Who need extreme sports for that adrenalin rush, shouts Owner!  when all we need to do is live our life!!  Now the week is finito and the weekend before the big day (for some of us) is lurking like the postie round the corner,  So do go steady out there in the Wold good folks wherever you are in it.  Big Love Wonka x