Monday, 29 December 2014

Resolution Mundee

Wonka here.  Yes folks it is time.  I've started mine and mostly it is around (list) 1.  more food 2.  more nicer food. 3.  no more waifs and strays no not even if they are having a bunch of kitwits or anything.  NO 4.  Rug and Bertie to be more friendly towards me and 5.  for Owner to find fame and fortune.  Here follows a little cartoon to start you all off on yours...........
There we are!!  There is Owner with her list of resolutions.  I hope, I goes up to her, you have put FIND FORTUNE and FAME and earn more £s or $s.  All I want, she whispers back to me, is to earn a few bob doing what I love.  WHY, I goes back are you whispering.....  BECAUSE she says back in a normal voice, my resolutions are a secret until Wednesdee when it is new Year's Eve.  Righto I says, I won't tell.  Ruggles just wants to keep eating the sensitive biscuits as that's his fave, and Owner noticed on the side of the next expensive packet that it says:  notice an improved condition of health in your cat OR your money back.  HOW she says, can we prove it??  Now Bertie as you know is busy living in the Land of Wardrobe upstairs and I'm not sure of his resolution as yet.  I'll keep you posted though because I will love it!!
Final resolution para.  Owner has already started if you ask me and I know you haven't but get this.  Only yesterdee she was planning her next sojourn (Owner says is a word and I believe her) to Rome via a million places in Europe.  Understandably (to me) none of her friends (the Fab four) want to do this excruciating (Whoa!) journey too.  I WILL GO IT ALONE she announces to no one there.  I think you will have to Owner I says up but luckily the sound was muffled from inside my amazon box.  BLOW THEM ALL she continues on.  time for a sherry if you ask me and once more you haven't.  Now other news is this, she has been into town and come back with two gifts.  one for her and one for daughter.  I am giving both a TICK because Owner looks lovely in hers and daughter will do in her one.  right now we are having to watch Indy in the second adventure.  I don't mind because I love him.  Yes it was a mistake to make the 4th one but I still love Indiana Jones.  We watched Last Tango and there is a new twist and a wedding.  Tonight we are on with Corrie X 2 and Roy has gone mad and is arrested, and surely in Enders, everyone will wake up and find they are related to everyone?  it is all to play for folks.  Now enough from me I must do the rounds instead of telling you all the news so far....there will be more to tell tmro.  until then, do go steady folks out there in the Wold wherever you are in it.  big Love Wonka xx