Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Starry Starry Tuesdee

Wonka here.  it is now Day 23 of the good month of December and we continue our little countdown with this advent..........

Here we are!!! Yes siree it is an illustration from Part Three of  the Story of Joe's Christmas!!! just published today on www.smashwords.com !! (use the tag #wonka or the title of our story)
There is the removal van and a new arrival moving into Flat 1 Horace Eaves Close....how exciting, especially as it is right on Christmas.  It is a new character in the story and not without a touch of magic about him and his friend.  Neddy watches from his bedroom window as Edward Starz joins their neighbourhood......and how lucky to have a friend like Emily.  We hope you love the magical tale and let all the sparkle and fun be with you through this season. x
Final starry para.  just as Owner was dropping off last night she heard the distinct sound of someone being pat and mick.  At the bottom of the stairs.  rather than slumber on like most good folk would NO!  up she gets and trundles down below.  OH WONKA she says accusing me straight off.  Now just because I was near the scene, that doesn't mean it was me. I says all this to Owner going on about my MO (that's modus operandi to you good folks out there all scratching your head/s saying what is MO.  The police say it all the time.  but I know what it means.  yes)  I KNOW IT WAS YOU she goes back.  I mean all those poor folks who go to the scene of the crime and hover round it, and pick up murder weapons and such and then get accused!  my heart goes out to them.  anyhow, hours later when she had cleaned up, shampooed the carpet, spread things on it, made tea and read for a bit I did say I was sorry.   She may not have heard me though as she was dropping off again.
Last real starry starry para.  last night we managed to stay up late and tonight we may well do it again.  There is Masterchef professional finale on for a start off and we are not fed up with finales yet.  NO.  At the minute I am forced to watch Call me Clause.  Why Owner has this on I cannot say except that as we have already pointed out, once there is a week with Christmas in it, all normal and previously decent entertainment goes out the window.  Instead there are repeats, endless tales of elves and imps and Santa.  Pretend Santa, fake Santa, and real Santa.  Now it is time for my tea and the usual check ups.  Bertie bubb is still in his new residence the land of upstairs wardrobe, and Rug is nicely in the land of kitchen.  Me?  got the run of everywhere really and so I ought!  Owner has not mentioned Monkey Boolley again today and neither have I!  Now it is the eve of Christmas Day tmro good folks so do go steady out there in the Wold wherever you are in it.  Big Love Wonka x