Thursday, 4 December 2014

Still standing Thursdee

Wonka here.  Once more dear folks and we are now on DAY 4 of December and the advent process.  Here follows another in our series of Joe's Christmas:

Here he is!  It is good Neddy rocking horse, another star of this story and because Owner's brain is on dizzy and pause setting today she cannot recall if we have already shown Neddy.  Owner I goes to her, in fact I says OWNER, would it matter if you had?  Personally I love Neddy and if Owner were to show this for the entire advent I would not complain and nor would our reader.  No.  it is due to Neddy and his early return back to earth from the Returns Dept (by the Manager no less) that he is able to take part in little Joe's Christmas.  No ordinary rocking horse is he, oh no.  and yes, we love him! x
Final standing up to it all para.  today Owner had to resettle something she thought she had already settled four weeks since.  to be fair, she stayed on fairly calm setting and spoke nicely to at least one person involved.  And by the time she spoke to the one who was causing all the to do, she was back to calm again.  MY LIFE has been her chant today.  I put it all down to the broken night's sleep and intense dreams she is having of late, but Owner says this does not account for my hissing and growling behaviour whenever I set eyes on another feline.  YOU ARE NOT HELPING she goes to me, thankfully through a closed door and by this time I was on my shelf in the Narnia cupboard and Bertie was growling at me!!!  YOU ARE A BUNCH OF ANTI SOCIAL felines she goes up but she was still smiling and still standing up to it all.  the house you all want to know?  was it the dream house.  NO.  it smelt funny says Owner when she floated back in on her exhausted dream cloud.  Plus she says the clincher was the bathroom.  This is an important room to Owner and she says it resembled something out of the Shining.  Horrid white brick tiles and the drone of the air thingy.  HORRID.  so that's alright we must dangle on here a bit longer until the hand of the moving god reaches us.  The Boolleys are still steady as you go and Tinkers is still eating their kitten food.  Ruggles is the steadiest of all and even though we do hiss at each other on sight I don't mind him overmuch.  (paws crossed!)Do go steady out there in the Wold good folks wherever you are in it.  Big Love Wonka x