Monday, 22 December 2014

Tis the season Mundee

Wonka here.   Tis now Day 22 of the good month of December folks and here is our special advent for you..............

Here he is!  our hero Mr Charles Dickens!!  he ended up living in a house called Gads Hill Place in Rochester, Kent; he used to do all his writing in a chalet in the garden - and to get to the chalet he had to walk through a stone brick tunnel.  At either side of the Tunnel, at the top, are two stone masks carved into the stone, one is the mask of comedy and the other the mask of tragedy.  He wrote many of his famous works here and dear folks he continues to entertain and inspire - he inspires me and Owner and many a nod is made to our hero in the Wonka Stories.  He died aged 58, which is far too early to disappear off into the next room.  We like to think he continues to inspire, perhaps through our dreams and perhaps through our own rich imaginations.....who knows!  We do know that we love him!  And I specially love him because Mr Dickens loved cats. x
Final tis the season para:  today Owner fielded phone calls in a jolly fashion wishing everyone a pleasant time of it.  YES we all slept like tops, and no mention has been made so far today of any other felines joining the household.  IT IS TOO SMALL I keep saying to Owner, for any additions.  She may not have heard me though as she began a final Christmas List.  OH NO I hear you all or at least one of you gasp up!  yes it does mean the beloved Credit card must take a little more bashing as Owner suddenly realised she needed to purchase ONE MORE GIFT. that was for daughter TICK.  It is a good gift, practical and chic.  Not often these two things come together in one item, and blow me down and shake my whiskas if it wasn't repeated in a super chic gift for aged parent.  SURELY, droned Owner, she will like it.  Well if I know Surely, and I don't, it is all bets off on whether this bonny sparkly Christmassy top will receive the OK from aged parent but it gets a big TICK from me.  It more or less stopped there with the exception of socks small tick, and gloves.  Miniscule tick.
Real final seasonal para.  last night there was nothing on as per once you get within breathing distance of a week with Christmas in it.  Tonight, thankfully we have normal Corrie X 2 and never mind Enders which is now a melodrama reserved for desperation.  I AM NOT THERE Yet she goes.  In any case we have a good selection of films and did I tell you we have NOAH?  It has received terrible reviews according to Owner so we reckon we'll love it.  Now if you must go out it is fairly frenzied out there and Owner reports having to toot the horn.  I can only hope they don't know where we live.  Now do go steady out there in the Wold good folks wherever you are in it.  Big Love Wonka x