Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Turn Turn Turn Wednesdee

Wonka here.  It is Day 17 of the good month of December! and here is todays' Advent offering:

Here it is!  The Old Administrator who sits behind that desk sorting out - Admin of course!!  Now for him this means, all the returns (like Neddy) and all those wishes (Little Joe's Mum).   In our Christmas story, this old man is a bit fierce and resentful.  But as Paulo Nutini's song goes - hearts don't break on their own!!  NO.  and what to remember is, people don't go funny all by themselves either.  Behind the desk on the wall hangs The Rules!  There are always a good few rules to follow in life, and don't be afraid to use them and stand up to them.  This is what Neddy did, to ensure he got what he wanted.  And yes, we love it! x
Turning and turning para.  What you all say together, and bless our loyal reader, is this all about??  As you know, I had to stand by and watch Owner throw the towel in.  And not in the bath either! I mean to say she ditched the job and now we face starvedom all over again.  BUT, who knows what the fates, the employment gods and last but not least our wishing well, have in store.  They have this in store:  BBBBRRRGGG BBRRNG goes the good telephone this morn.  OH I SPOSE I'LL ANSWER it she goes dragging her cosy socks to get it.  It is only the old agency ringing up with a January job that sounds ideal.  BUT I DON'T WANT ANY MORE WORK, I hear her say, and I HAVE HANDED in my notice.  it seems, good folks out there all possibly considering the same thing what with the run up  to the end of the year and resolutions and all things of that nature, that HIST!  you don't have to stick to a decision like glue!  NO you can TURN IT ROUND again.  And this is what Owner has done as she liked the sound of the job, and it is at the same School that she likes.  Is the tide turning she questions up to me?  Personally I have no knowledge of the tides being in, out or how's your father but I did show interest as it was veering on extra helpings for breakfast time.  I love it.
Final turn again para.  The good and new boiler could not quite manage to start itself up this morn without assistance and I must say Owner must be on the right setting herself as she hardly moaned up at all.  or is this just plain giving up on anything ever being repaired setting??  I cannot report on the 'relatively new' washer as this repair person is still to show themselves at the door.  I am already on target to rush upstairs and under the bed when they do.  you never can be sure if it isn't those pesky Vikings as they get everywhere.  Well he did turn up as opposed to turning it round, AND he fitted the dear washer with a new DOOR LOCK.  is it, I ventured up to Owner like the ones that have to close quickly behind you in a space ship like in Alien??  T MINUS 10 SECONDS she shouts back!!  Even with this new thing inside its innards, Owner thinks it is still not quite right.  That, plus the ominous (like this word) announcement of the repairman who took the OLD DOOR LOCK for (quote) 'them to look at'.... What  says Owner, so they can check if it wasn't me being stupid?? I have to admit my reply was muffled by being several yards away AND under the bed so she may not have heard it.  The boiler is checked, the washer has been on a cleaning cycle til we thought we were all going funny with the clicking and whirring, and NOW it is relaxevous time.  Owner has a sherry to hand and a nice soothing bath.  Me? looking forward to a spot of masterchef and that nice Marcus Wareing.  Now do go steady out there in the Wold good folks wherever you are in it.  Big Love Wonka x