Thursday, 8 January 2015

Cartoon Thursdee

Wonka here.  This dear folks out there all enjoying (we hope) a day free from stress (yes Owner is on a scale of one to ten around 7) free from dark depths (Owner has brightened a tad.  scale you all shriek up?  say around 5 and a half) is a small offering and tribute to all of you out there in the Wold who love your cartoons.  We love our cartoons and as you know Owner coughs up a few here and there,  This is a special one though (she droned to me this morn) and she goes WE NEED TO CHEER UP Wonka!  And seeing as it was near to my seconds (for breakfast) I gave her a lot of support.  (by not scratching her for nothing, not looking at Bertie which was easy as he wasn't there and just generally standing by like a good cat should.)x
There we are!  Owner droned to me how much she loves this art form  OH YES I goes back, it is one of the oldest forms of communication she kept on with........I went into a slight dream imagining those pesky Vikings, stopping off between a quick pillage here and a you know what there, to do a little cartoon on the nearest dwelling.....zzzzzzzzzzzzz  SORRY Owner!  and then those pesky Egyptians they knew a thing or two about pictures and stories and such like.  ARE YOU AWAKE Wonka! she goes to me a bit later on.  I AM NOW I goes back.  I love it.
Freshly cartooned up para.  why has Owner brightened up you all wonder up?  Owner is never more miserable than when she has a problem and cannot see a solution!!  does she ask me for advice?  NO! does she mumble prayers and toss small silver coins into the wishing well??  YES SIREE!!  and then she waits for the answer to pop into her head.  DOES IT WORK though you all shout at me as if I am deaf.  The funny thing is it does work, and today did she swing into action with a phone call here and another one there.  I FEEL BETTER now she goes up to me and I think the choc covered macaroon had something to do with that.  just saying.  The other thing that sends Owner into a terrible time is that all important dental check up!  When she fell back in with more supplies for us and a new radio for aged sibling (he goes through them like we go through toothbrushes.  yes) she says she nearly walked out but managed not to, and the nice dentist says ALL IS she must celebrate with a sweet followed by more.  I ask you.  Me?  thanks for asking I am fine and dandy and ready for a double dose of Enders with wicked wickery Nickery stealing the sprog which is his grandson poor mite!  just the sort of melodrama we need to take our minds off our own!!  Now do go steady out there in the Wold good folks wherever you are in it.  Big Love Wonka x