Monday, 12 January 2015

Cheer up Mundee

Wonka here.   All are on about January blues this and how to get over the blues that but me? thanks for asking, I am as happy as the day is long and we all know the days are short in January!  For a special extra special treat, we have this for you. is an extract from Owner's Illustrated version of WONKA's CHRISTMAS STORY from Christmas 2013 - no one but no one has seen it yet.  WHY?  you all shout up.  Because dear reader stroke reader, it has been submitted to a good publishers and we STILL have not heard back from them.  You mean I have still not been rejected moans up Owner.  NO I did not bother to reply!!  And here we are, to cheer you all up.
There we are right at the beginning of the story.  It was told by me, and one of Owner's friends said why are there no pictures in it?!  well now there are.  We love it and a few others might do to.  IT IS MY DREAM to have them published drones Owner.  You may have to submit to another one then I says helpfully I thought.  When I looked round she was busy making a cup of tea and on about tomorrow.  Seize the day I said even more helpfully but she didn't hear me above the steam engine aka the kettle.  I rest my paws for now good folks, but do enjoy this little offering!! x
Final full of cheer para.  other news.  Owner slept in for a good three quarters of an hour before stirring.  Neither me nor Bertie Bubb made a move well why would we?  It was dark, and there was a shrill wind out there.  LOOK AT THE TIME she goes coming to.  Off she sped to the school and her one to one tuition that she will probably not be paid for.  I HAVE ASKED FOR MORE she tells me and we recall that someone else did that thank you Mr Dickens and did not see an immediate return.  But the wishing well has been treated and our faith is hugging it tight.  You'll see! says Owner to me all bright and positive.  now tonight we are resting up on my luxury bed aka the settee with Corrie X 2 and possibly Enders if it is on.  The sprog is still being roughly parented and foxy is still laying out in a hospital bed.  Alfi and Kat are still in it, the square, and we don't know why.  In Corrie Kirky is now hitched to thingy and Sally and Tim went as Dollar as it was an 80s themed do.  We have always loved Tim who is an ordinary non reading non writing failed parent who cleans windows and lives with snobbish Sally and now we love him more.  Now it might be dark and chill out there but cuddle up with the Wonka stories and you cannot fail to be cheered up!  Do go steady out there in the Wold good folks wherever you are in it.  Big Love wonka x