Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Dark day Wednesdee

Wonka here.  It has happened.  WHAT? you all wonder up, waking up from your snoozes and such.  The JANUARY BLUES that is what has settled on Owner.  So instead of
Owner wandering round the house going (quote) What is happening Wonka, NOTHING is happening that's what's happning, no instead of that annoying saying THE BLUES are here.  NO I didn't let them in.  As soon as I get a miniscule baby whiff of the Blues I say OUT WITH YOU.  and NOT TODAY THANKS. but folks, they crept on in without me noticing up.  I ask you. x

Fresh darkish para:  without any more talk of the blues for the minute let us look at Owner's illustrated cover numero quatre!!
There we are!!  the fourth #wonka story and now Baba has joined the household whether I liked it or not.  (what am I like!!) there is more in this story for Owner to tell about her trials and tribs and of course, there is more about me.  Oh and a little about Baba.  I promise you one thing dear folks out there needing a big spirits lift, then this is the story for you.  We love it. x
Back to black para.  What is the point Owner moans up, of anything.  Now here is an open question to end all open questions.  I pondered up and was just about to reply with an intelligent and considered answer it being right on teatime and all when she changed tack!  And the answer is:  when all around you is dark and gloom ridden you must HAVE YOUR HAIR DONE.... yes Owner is back to glamorous city all blonde and frothy.  if you cannot get your hair done at such short notice then treat yourself to a non essential purchase.  I cannot believe I just said that!!!  and failing all of that you could always make yourself a fish finger sandwich.  IT'S LOVELY she drooled at me!  so all in all just a few tips there folks to beat those blues to a pulp!  so once we have watched Corrie X 1 and the further demise of dear Steve from laughter to tears, the wedding of thingy to Kirk it may well be up those stairs.  Rug who was temporarily scared by Owners foils (in her hair.  end of) and scraped furiously (OOH) at the poor back door (don't mention that now) to run away, is now back sound as a pound and Bertie bubb is snug as a bug in the Land of Wardrobe.  All dysfunctional and proud of it says Owner laughing albeit (I like this word and may use again) a mite hysterically.  Now do go steady out there in the Wold folks wherever you are in it.  Big Love Wonka x