Monday, 19 January 2015

Don't look now Mundee!

Wonka here.  It is Mundee, it is chilly wotsits, and it is a bleak picture a l'accounts OR les finances.  this is what happened after Owner got up quite nicely:  I THINK I FEEL ALRIGHT she utters and gets ready for whatever the day brings.  it brought a phone call from the good agency well goodish then, inviting her to a full day of 'general cover'.  You've got to admire Owner for sticking to her inner goals and dreams and that.  NO she says back, I would prefer supporting.  I cannot, she moans up, psyche myself up for crowd control today.  She means trotting into a classroom and making herself heard.  another day folks she would have said YES I WILL.  Not today though, today Owner is NOT looking at it.  I love it.

More not looking at things para.  Once she had knocked back our only source of living, she swung into action doing this doing that, having another cup of tea whilst she was doing it, I said Owner, you seem very positive in the face of certain poverty but she didn't hear me above taking another call.  WHO FROM you all shout hanging off the edge of your comfy chair with excitement.  NOT A JOB OFFER, no.  NOT a rejection from anyone. NO.  It was a gentle reminder about money and to do with aged parent.  OH YES, I hear her say (Owner) and (quote) I'll do it now.  I did the sensible thing folks and popped upstairs, as the sound of the a4 ringbinder and calculator are a kind of death knoll in this house.  I HATE MONEY she shouts up and I whispered back, you mean you hate not having any!  I love it.

Good cartoon all about not looking...............
There we are!  NOT looking at the poor accounts.  WE LOVE not looking.  and we highly recommend it. x
Final not looking at things para.  The day wandered on by with Owner easing herself out and easing herself back home again.  Of course she has gone and bought a non essential x 1.  Pardon? what?  OH you want to know what it is, well you can all guess and no, it is not that, it is a new book by her fave author Donna Tartt.  That is the top prize of all for cheering Owner up.  Now tonight we will be transfixed by Corrie x 2 as there is a big story coming up and we have seen a trailer thing.  That should keep Owner's mind off our impending disaster of being poverty stricken for at least an hour or so.  The other good thing is that coming up or should I say INTRODUCING! WONKA'S GALLERY!!  there are four new cartoons of me and my muckers and Owner says to pop them on here starting tomorrow.  At last she has thought of me.  Now I expect like me, you are wanting your teatime and such like.  I must away and check on Bertie Bubb and maybe a small paw under the door with Ruggles.  Gingernut was spotted yesterdee drinking from the waterbowl out back and will certainly turn up later.  he she or it, is staying on the outside this time I have put my paw down!  Do go steady out there in the Wold good folks wherever you are in it. Big Love Wonka x