Friday, 16 January 2015

Film Fridee

Wonka here.  Finally we have arrived at the end of this week.  Up date on the oven for you:  I swear goes Owner, it is hotter than before,  and the grill is working faster.  Now me?  thanks for asking, I reckon this (list) 1.  Owner always goes away and does three thousand other jobs whilst she is grilling the toast.  all that has happened is she did an extra job and when she got back, just in time, the toast was toasted. your honour.  2.  she is so over the moon that bungling the light in the back of the oven has not completely shut the whole thing down, she would praise the oven for just about anything.  OH IT TURNS ON STILL! and OH THE LITTLE RED LIGHT STILL COMES ON.  I love it.

Fresh film para.  OOOH today is the day when you watch loads of good films you all shout up extra jealous as it isn't you.  Owner has flung off to collect my aunty (daughter) from the station and then they are going in search of  good film.  Thanks to that expedition (like that word) I am bedding down in my amazon box for a good few hours.  Some of their best arguments and rows have been had over choosing a film, and despite advancing years (only joking Owner!) it is a possibility. THE CHAP IN THE VIDEO SHOP USED TO HIDE from us, as she loves to tell me this story.  What film was it?  I goes to show interest and get a few of those nice dreamy biscuits.  I wanted to see The Abyss and daughter said it was rubbish reports Owner.  Hmm, I rest my paws and everything! x

Films that are ace para.  After Owner meets daughter they will speed off to choose a film and I can get some well earned zzzzzzzzz.  Bertie bubb was a proper growler last night and kept it going long after I had stopped looking at him.  I ask you.  Here is an old cartoon of Owner waiting for daughter to arrive by train:
There she is!! how many times has Owner stood on that platform waiting for daughter and sometimes grandson....many times and we love it.  Are there any changes you all pester up and ask me?  There is one important change and it is Owner's handbag!!  it is still pink naturellement but now it is the baby pink one.  she loves it.
Final film para.  Hours later they both fell in the door and I was made a big fuss of!  Champion!  Yes even Bertie was looked at in his land of wardrobe up above.  IS HE MAKING UP FOR LOST SLEEP? is the question on everyone's lips (not mine).  I reckon it is all down to those pesky vikings as they are renowned (good use of word) for pinching things and could easily have some of Bertie's sleep.  Did they bring a film in?  is the next important question.....and the answer is: before I go to sleep. NO! not before I Wonka go to sleep, but before Nicole Kidman does.  I want to say what an ace film it was and how much Owner and daughter lapped it up.  but I can't.  BUT I can say how much they loved Lone Survivor with Mark Wahlberg.  It was a true story and he was rescued by a tiny tribe in Afghanistan who saved him and took him in despite him keep saying WHY?  according to the thingy at the end of the film this tribe had a tradition going back to the edge of time itself whereby if an individual came to them needing help THEY HAD TO HELP!  and they helped him (Mark aka thingy) despite being shot at and knives brandished and wot not.  we love them and wish them well.  Now I must dash as first off Daughter has noticed I am slimmer.  Now Owner is very worried and wants to feed me up!  YES I am still pretty big and all of that. It is now the weekend folks so, do go steady out there in the Wold good folks wherever you are it. Big love Wonka x