Thursday, 1 January 2015

Happi First Day of 2015!

Wonka here!  yes we did it!  we all stayed up and even Ruggles who was let out (WHY did I let him out I wish I hadn't was the refrain from Owner....I did say WHY did you then. but luckily she was too busy looking out the poor back door don't mention the door, to hear me).  Yes he did come back in ahead of some very loud fireworks.  BANG!  WHEEEEEEEE BANG!  Bertie will not have known any different from deep in the land of wardrobe.  ME?  thanks for bothering, I managed to settle until the radiator incident.  WHAT WAS THAT?  you all say in wonderment....  first off there is this:

There we are! a little happy new year from me and mousey.  Yes I am sitting on a few resolutions.  Have you made any yet?  Lots are talking of NOT DRINKING for the month of January and I did say to Owner NO MORE SHERRY but the very last one was sipped last night.  That's it for another year! she slurps up!  Yes, there is still some red vino, but I give this a TICK as it is supposed to boost something.  Confidence?  Self esteem? Increased heart rate? Intelligence?  not sure about the last one but pretty sure the others are boosted.  and yes Owner loves it!x
First new para of the year!  it was good Tony Blackburn who saw us safely through the door of 2015 and guess what?  NO that is not it, he played our best ever Curtis Mayfield MOVE ON UP.  We love that one Thanks TONE!  before that Owner watched a whole film (The Help.  was rather good if a tad serious.  Owner wept slightly but then she weeps at anything really.) and THEN she does a silly thing.  OH NO!  Oh yes.  She decided to turn on the radiator in her bedroom which is never turned on because it gets too hot and she says WHY DID I TURN IT ON?  Like everything else in this home, the knob that turns it on and off is faulty.  So instead of getting locked in another bedroom, we had a searing hot radiator that would not, it plain REFUSED to turn off!!  It was like a scene from the Sahara desert chaps or some hot tropical isle.  First we had a full on search for screwdrivers, pliers and such.  And a wet cloth as often, this is the solution.  yes.  At precisely 10 to midnight when I had hidden myself in readiness under the bed, Owner had a brainstorm.  I WILL PUT THE KNOB WHICH IS WORKING on the metal thingy and see if that will turn it off.  After the knob swapping, and sweat laden job of laying close to the burning hot radiator to turn it off, the hand of the plumbing god reached down and adjusted it for us.  IT IS OFF Wonka she cries up!  so with 5 mins to go we did listen to Big Ben folks out there.  Yes it was a fairly tense fifty mins and I have threatened to leave if it should happen again.  Only joking Owner!x
Real first and final para.  Today is a bit dreary but warmer and we have settled on my giant luxury nest aka the settee for the duration.  First up was the film that Owner has saved up and saved up.  Good Will Hunting.  Cry?  Owner wept at precisely the same time that Matt Damon and Robin Williams did!  talk about synchronisation!  We are now on with Mary Poppins before tea time folks. CHIM CHIMINEEE.....  Tonight, there are a few bits and bobs on and we may have to watch Enders as Lucee's Murderer may be announced!  We have no idea who or what did it as everyone looks suspicious and had a motive even Lucee.  Now we do wish you a healthy and happy start to 2015and as usual do go steady out there folks in the Wold wherever you are in it.  Big Love Wonka x