Saturday, 31 January 2015

Lightweight Satdee

Wonka here.  We have a new ritual to report up folks out there all possibly minding rituals, habits and straight up OCD of your own.  I know all about OCD because if my amazon box isn't just so, I can take a good few minutes trampling down the paper in it and bunting round the edges.  Several times a day but who's counting.  Oh I am.  Oh and there is staring at Bertie bubb but Owner says that is down to plain naughtiness on my part.  However, Bertie may have some rituals and wotnot going on if he was to come out of hiding long enough to share it. Now long have you got?  only joking Owner!!!  It is a new night time ritual as if there aren't enough on already what with all the checking.  WHAT IS IT you all shout up running out of your patience....Owner is now having a bedtime drink and it is Horlicks.  NO we are not promoting Horlicks who don't even know me and Owner exist, and other bed time drinks are available but this one, does the job.  Sound as you like, all night long and doesn't hear me and Bertie.  she loves it!

Lighweight para.  Owner has never in her life (says) seen cat litter (concrete) that says it is LIGHTWEIGHT on the side but needs a forklift to carry it to the car with no name and then the said car to here.  Instead there is just Owner (who is also no lightweight when it comes to lifting) who thinks someone on that well known and paring down supermarket, is saving money.  she thinks (her conspiracy theory no 1236) they are packing the same concrete aka cat litter into different bags and giving it different names.  AND THIS ONE she drones to me, IS THE OTHER ONE.  I must admit I nearly fell asleep half way through the theory but caught myself towards the end.  OH YES, I goes showing a lot of interest as I did want a helping of senior lovely to eat catfood, seeing as Bertie had helped himself to mine earlier on.  I love it.

True lightweight para.  This week as you know has been a troublesome one for me having to cope with Owner's ever changing settings.  And here is our cartoon offering to illustrate what it is like.
There we are! as the week wears on Owner becomes increasingly MORE LIKE it the Horlicks at work?  if it is I am putting in an order for some more because....I love it!x
Final lightweight para.  The rounds were completed without any howsyourfathers and all is well to date.  Owner took a pair of leggings back to the shop and came home with the very same pair but shorter.  And, did this in howling wind and rain or was it hail?  It all looks pretty much the same from the sideboard checking out back.  Now tonight we are entertained by The Voice and those would be singers and we can always hope eh.  Tom does love a welsh voice and Rita does love a good voice and Ricky he likes more or less all voices and as for WILLYAM, he is looking for whatever he is looking for.  Then Casualtee and there is a new horrid nursey who has stepped up into thingys shoes and no one likes her much specially evil Connie.  alright half evil Connie.  And there is Charlie Farley spreading the love too. love him lots but not as much as Mark Rylance aka Tom Cromwell says Owner.  Now do go steady out there in the Wold good folks wherever you are in it.  Big Love Wonka x