Sunday, 4 January 2015

Moving on up Sundee!

Wonka here.  today ahead of all the warnings and explanations and countings, Owner is taking down the decorations.  TIME TO MOVE ON Wonka she goes up to me first thing.  STEADY ON!  I goes back, because it was barely past breakfast when she span into motion.  Before you could say How's your Father, the lights were off and wound up, the tinsel was off, the father Christmas tea light holder that has brightened up our nights and days.  DOWN!  There is always one little decoration though that TIME forgets good folks out there possibly doing a little dismantling just hides itself and carries on being Christmassy somewhere in the house.  YES I do love it. x

More moving on up para:  to celebrate our modest success with the #wonka series of stories Owner has suggested we pop on one of the Covers each day to cheer you up and remind you what a brilliant teller of stories I am, what a brilliant Owner she is - and she can illustrate too as we know.  Here is first one ever!

Here we are!  Conversations with Wonka Part one - this is the intro to me and Owner and trickles along with how I came to be a part of it, and all the silly old stuff Owner gets up to.....  it is funny here and there otherwise I wouldn't have said GO ON OWNER see if anyone will read it! Yes alright that was when there was just Golly and Owner, and he let me in and was my best pal.  Golly the good and the wise.  Of course some of it rubbed off!! So anyway, a few people have troubled to read it, and then we hope they want to read the next one.  As per,, they are all free to read on under the tag #wonka or look for the title.............YES we love them x
Other moving on up news para:  Owner has only got the monster out and taken him all round the downstairs!  AND he has eaten up a whole decoration.  OOOPs she goes when it swallowed it up.  Hours later when I dared to pop back down, I spied the decoration that is still up.  it is a Christmas angel and I love him stroke her stroke it.  Owner says all angels are (big word) androgynous (phew) MEANING I challenged up?  There are neither all male nor all female MEANING I kept up venturing, I mean it must be something.......... it's both she says.  OH I says back.  I mean if I understand it right that means everyone can get on with everyone without any wobbles or problems, in angel wold.   Meanwhile here on earth, we are finding it hard going tv wise.  THERE IS NOTHING ON goes Owner reading the paper.  I'm sure if we look we'll find Zulu is on, or that nice heroes of Telemark.  Casualtee was fab last night and charley Farley nursey has told his son (by phone) that he loves him.  That, was his resolution.  DID WE MAKE ANY?  I says to Owner but she didn't hear me above searching for a nice film.  Now the week ahead is nearly here, and if like Owner you are back out there, and MOVING ON UP ( I have high hopes for Owner this year) then do go steady out there in the Wold good folks wherever you are in it.  big Love Wonka x