Saturday, 10 January 2015

Read Wonka Satdee!

Wonka here.  I have decided it is high time along with all else out there busy saying it is THIS DAY and it is THAT DAY to have my very own day for my trusty reader stroke readers on here!!  I am calling it READ WONKA Satdee.  and to start us off here is the next #wonka
This is Owner's fave cover of them all.  Me and my old mucker (friend.  sort of) Baba.  I LOVED HIM she goes to me, as if I did not know this!!  As ever, this tale can be found on under the title or just search under tag Wonka!  alongside the tales of me and Baba is of course the sorry life of Owner and how it was all shaking down.  I HAVE COME OUT THE OTHER SIDE she goes to me.  if she calls relying heavily on the bountiful credit card, the wishing well and zero hours contracts coming out the other side................I rest my paws and those of Bertie and Ruggles too!  I love it.
Final read #wonka satdee What about the poor back door!!  IT IS A NEW BACK DOOR now!  Owner reports it all went to plan whilst I was banished upstairs alongside Bertie bubb who knows no different as he is up there anyway.  All those anxiety attacks and worriment WHY OH WHY when all that has happened is the good handyman took the old door off and put the new door on.  yes there was a lot of tidying up and talk of a new blind.  I PUT THAT OTHER ONE IN THE BIN she shouts up all excited.  And, she has arranged for someone called Mike, yes, to call round and measure up for a new one.  COST?  I droned to her, but she was too busy telling daughter all about the new door to hear me.  Even Ruggles Tuggles has been able to sit outside the new door knowing it was the same way to gain entrance.  Marvellous.  So really, this has rounded off a rather up and down week.  Will Owner sleep tonight?  Like a babe.  Even Bertie growling at me just JUST for looking at him, will not wake her.  now tonight we are glued to the new series of The Voice.  the presenters are so good looking it is hard to take in.  Can people really look that good questions up Owner?  With make overs and money all is possible I goes back.  I am happy as I am Wonka she sings up.  Yes, it is a good day and Owner is a happy bunny.  I do hope good folks out there in the Wold all on your weekend, you are all happy too.  so, do go steady out there in the Wold good folks wherever you are in it.  je t'adore! big Love Wonka x