Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Resolution Started Tuesdee!

Wonka here.  First off I must apologise to Owner, to Bertie and to Rug and anyone else what knows me.  WHY WONKA? you all shout up in alarment.  According to Owner I am (quote) NOT the only cat in the household (I thought I was,,,) NOT to keep looking at Bertie last thing at night just as she is settling down with a good book (Owner.  Stephen King.  I know) and NOT to repeat that action all over again exciting Bertie and making him growl and making her jump a mile. (alright perhaps I did do that last one.  I was just checking it really was him on the bed and not a Viking imposter. I know.  if it had been a Viking imposter it would have jumped out at me instead of sleeping peacefully on a pilly case.) THAT'S IT! shouted Owner or at least I think that's what she said as I was downstairs burrowing deep into the luxury carpet under the table by then...)  I love it!

Fresh resolved para.  Owner has put into motion folks, her resolution to do better and be valued more.  She has only gone and registered with another pesky agency albeit an agency that was nice, liked her, and may pay her more £s to do what she is doing now.  AND might have the job of her dreams.  I LIKE THE SOUND OF THAT I says more or less as soon as she reports up.  it means our journey away from poverty stricken to alright stricken could actually happen this year!  It is all to play for Wonka, she drones up and of course I was showing lots of interest as (list) 1.  my luxury tray needed a deep cleaning and 2.  it was bordering on tea time.  And after the registration she only went visiting and had a good day out.  JUST WHAT YOU NEEDED Owner I ventured, trying to show also what a kind-natured person I am behind this scratchy chasey persona.  (get me. or get Carl Jung!!)  I love it.

Cover ridden para!!  here we are, with the third cover in the #wonka series - in this one Owner loses out in more ways than one but of course I am there to keep her going!
There he is! beloved Golly.  he was my mentor and I miss him.  Hankies away!! do go to www.smashwords.com and find the third story in the #wonka series as ....you will love it. x

Resolution para finale.  last night Owner went on a wobbly.  WHAT IS THAT you all wonder up?  It was a combination of back door anxiety plus general worriment about the future.  Corrie X 2 didn't help as that was a bit gloomy what with Steve on his spiral into depression and NO ONE understands.  I mean I understand when Owner needs cheering up and I did say what about eating all the rest of the toffee popcorn, and funnily enough she took me up on that!  Tonight we must be glued to Enders as that pesky murderer is still out there and that funny woman, the liaison officer who cuddled up to Max has breathed her last! and she KNEW who it was. (who killed Lucee )(I know).  and then we can watch nice Holbee City where all the doctors are raving and crazed.  home from home I whispered up from the other side of the kitchen door.  I haven't mentioned the poor back door again and I'm not going to.  Now do go steady out there in the Wold good folks wherever you are in it.  Big Love Wonka x