Thursday, 29 January 2015

Snowflurry Thursdee

Wonka here.   Is Owner calmer yet you all mumble up to had to happen folks and some sort of peace has descended.  I put it down to a good night's sleep with a minimum of growling and hissing from Bertie Bubb aka the hob nob.   What about work you all further ask up worrying about me and my overflowing biscuit trough.  Like: are there enough in my saucer?  at this moment in time there are about 5 saucers each with a different variety in and my top fave is sensitive.  I need to look after my digestion.  I love it.

Small flurry of snow para.  yes as predicted a million times til we thought OH JUST get on with it, there was a miniscule flurry of snow.  Times 2.   it started up approximately the minute Owner let Ruggles fly off into the wild of a dark night (last night.) and then said WHY DID I LET HIM OUT it is too late etc.  She then had to wander around doing odd jobs and such like til she spied him crouched in the dog kennel at the top of the yard.  Ruggles!  she calls out to him possibly waking the neighbourhood who knows, and he trots back in.  I says, he is out there looking for gingertop who we haven't seen for a couple of days.  We are not on a worry jive about it just yet though.  ~We love him.  outside. x

Fresh snowy elsewhere para.  as promised a bit like the snow, here is a reminder of Duffel.

There he is!  That is Duffel, so called due to his special duffel coat, and with him is Sam.  Owner first heard the Duffel stories from her dear Dad who is now in wood carving heaven.  And Sam used to be Owner's dog, famous for trotting alongside her everywhere she went and protecting her and daughter from all.  We could have done with him for when those pesky Vikings peek in the windows!  Anyhow, the first Duffel story from Owner appeared last Easter and was introduced by me, of course.  There is another one in the mix if only Owner could settle long enough to write it!  I AM DOING IT Wonka she says up to me.  I love it and I hope you will too.

Final escape the snow and live here para.  today we have had a breakthrough if you can call it that.  Owner had another phone call with the good agency, and narrowly avoided another of those thingy wotsits.  DID YOU HAVE WORDS Owner I ventured up?(long time not using this word and I like it) NO she goes, and reports being calm BUT whilst on the phone found out that her good consultant thought she was working at the school and she isn't.  WHAT A MIX UP Wonka!  that's that pesky Mercury travelling backwards and mixing up all our communications.  So there is a whisper of some work for next week.  Whatever happens though it must not clash with Owner's hair appt on Mundee.  Nothing must be in the way of that.  No hurricanes, no snow, no Viking invasions, nothing.  Now last night we settled down and hugged up to #wolfhall and our new hero Thomas Cromwell - alright he is an unlikely hero in some ways but you can't tell Owner that.  The actor is Mark Rylance and where has he been all this time?  we love him.  tonight there is the usual giant dose of NOTHING ON except Enders.  Enough said.  Now do go steady out there in the Wold good folks wherever you are in it.  and if you are snowbound.  big Love Wonka x