Saturday, 17 January 2015

Snowy Satdee

Wonka here.   YES there was a tiny bit of snow out front when Owner looks out this morning.  IT SNOWED IN THE NIGHT she goes all excited.  Thankfully folks I won't be treading out in it and nor will Bertie bubb.  Ruggles-top raced out the good and new back door this morn like a greyhound out of a trap, so out of the three of us, he is snowbound....  I love it. 

Fresh and flurry of snow para.  Owner says when she and aged sibling were youngsters they would be out in the snow and getting all wet and cold and soggy and not bothering about that, but now, it is (list) 1.  warm socks. 2.  warm gloves 3.  warm scarf and 4. double layers of everything else.  Now, says Owner, I look like the Michelin man.  I, of course, did not make the mistake of agreeing good folks out there, because I was awaiting my breakfast and was starving.  Now all this time we have had my aunty to stay and I have been stroked and kissed and cooed over until even I thought I was being spoilt rotten.  YES, Bertie bubb had some of that attention from his hideouts.  YES ruggles had a tickle under the chin.  I love it lots.

flurry of snow and maybe more to come para.  Now because you will all be fretting out there that I am wasting away after Owner's daughter proclaiming (nice word that) that I am slimmer, here follows a nice photoshoot of moi.

I think I look drop dead gorgeous and everything a cat should look like.  Yes there is beloved mousey too.  AND I continue to be fed on demand.  I ask you! x

Final snow bound para..  Owner has taken daughter to the good station for the train home.  She thought she had a cold (Owner) and that explains why she felt so miserable and on black dog setting in the week.  I CANNOT, she reports up to me on her return, AFFORD TO GET COLDS.  I did say I hope you found time to stock up on our essentials (luxury cat food, litter et al) whilst you were out dropping daughter off and doing your rounds (aged sibling and parent) but she didn't hear me above carting the new and cheaper version (says basic on side of sack) of concrete I mean cat litter to the bathroom.  Now you would think Owner was all filmed out and you would be right.  Did they sit through another film this good morn which Owner declares to be the best one of all.  WHAT IS IT? you all chirp up immediately..  it is 'The Guilt Trip' with our songster and actress Babs Streisand.  we loved it, it was funny and it was touching and that is all you want in a film really.  Tonight we are warming ourselves to The Voice and hoping we like one or two of them and the swinging chairs do too and then it is Casualtee.  Thingy has handed in her notice is it Tess goes Owner and I said blimey you recalled a name, in amazement! and what else that snooty doctor is still snooty and good Zoe doctor is still nice.  Now do go steady out there in the Wold good folks wherever you are in it.  Big Love Wonka x