Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Squaring up Wednesdee

Wonka here.  Slept like tops and woke up nicely to the jarring melody of the alarm.  Did the usual snooze zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz OH when it went off again on its little repetitive melody.  I had time for a cuddle and a game of bite Owner's foot before hurtling off down those stairs.  you will note dear folks out there I said FOOT and not HAND.  Foots can be gently nibbled under several covers and if it is a game.  HANDS must not be tackled in any game or not game.  The end.  Now Bertie who has earned many a nickname and I did hear Owner call him Hob Nob in the night - I know, but he seems to be growling on a lower scale or maybe I m going deaf, anyhow he did not hurtle anywhere he stayed on his pilly case like a multi-coloured hob nob.  Now I am calling him it.  I love it.

Squaring up para.  What now?  Owner has (list) 1.  only washed her hair once. 2. only looked at it a few thousand times prior to going out 3.  recognised that her stress setting is on ALERT and 4. come clean with the hair dresser.  Now what (Oh I have reversed it!!) I goes up when she had flung the comb the hairdryer and the hairspray to one side to pick up her mobile.  I AM GOING TO FALL ON HIS MERCY she says to me.  This meant a lengthy text apologising for her gung ho do it yourself attempt to make her hair look nice when in reality it was now just short of frightening off any of those pesky Vikings.  No I did not say this to Owner I just thought it.  Hours later, when she fell back in from a stressful load of visitings, I dared to ask if our best and fave hairdresser had replied.  HE FORGIVES ME she whispers up, and is coming to SORT IT OUT Mundee.  Now last time he did play with me, poking my fave monkey around so I am quite looking forward.  Why are you whispering I says to Owner, in a nice tone as I was more than ready for my tea never mind that hob nob upstairs.  I feel like whispering she goes back.  I love it lots.

Fresh and square para.  This morning our resident blackbird was a treat to behold, and Owner has captured the moment.
There I am!  sitting on my sideboard gazing out the back and listening to him singing his heart out on the chimney top - he does like it up there where he is safe and full of sound!  Owner loves him and I love him even more.....x
Small squaring up to explain para..... we promised you some snippets of Duffel from last year's Easter Story and prior to the new one, and Owner says it will now be on Thursdee's offering.  I wanted the blackbird to star in today's cartoon slot she droned to me.  ALRIGHT I went back, as I am like that. x
Final squaring up para.  This week has been a hard one for Owner who has had to face up to her stress setting and avoid any situation that might wrack it up.  Which is more or less anything really from the minute she sets foot outside in the Wold.  Wonka, she reports up to me I was good whilst driving good in the shops good with aged sibling but nearly had a row with aged parent.  Par for the course I droned up and I am letting her off with that one.  A saint would hover between 0 and 5 setting in a similar meeting.  Now tonight we are overjoyed as there is Corrie x 1 and all the drama of good Steve and his clinical wotsit and Carling blackeyebrows is hobbling along and made friends with evil Tracee AND THEN it is beloved Wolf Hall and Owner's new idol Thomas Cromwell.  Ah.  Now do go steady folks out there in the Wold wherever you are in it.  Big Love Wonka x