Thursday, 15 January 2015

Stand by Thursdee

Wonka here.   Yes as per, the alarm went on and on and on and on.  I MUST GET UP she kept saying zzzzzzzzzzzzzz.  and then, I DON'T WANT TO GET UP.  Are you depressed Owner? I said full of sympathy as I was starving for my breakfast.  It turns out it was just the usual anxiety and stress that quite frankly folks has shaped Owner's existence for so long I doubt she would stand up without it.  In scientific terms it is the skeleton of her life.  or is that a metaphor (does it matter even I wonder up.)  anyhow, the important thing that you all want to know is I did get my breakfast, Ruggles chucked down a bit before throwing himself back into the wild and Bertie bubb stayed out of the wardrobe long enough to devour his.  I love it.

Stand by para.  In keeping with Owner's high stress setting (around mark 9 I would say) does the good phone go and it is the agency saying BE ON STAND BY.  Now Owner had already given me more than a little to think about with the question of whether to wash her hair or not.  IT LOOKS LOVELY I goes, waiting for my seconds, but then, a second later she is washing it.  and because it went perfect, the good agency rings back and says she is not needed now.  THE STORY OF MY SORRY LIFE she droned at me.  then it happened.  WHAT now you all wonder up?  she went to replace the bulb in the good if cheap old oven.  What you all say, you mean those lights that are deep inside the cooker that light up when the oven is on so you can see what is going on?  YES that light.    but because it is Owner and it is as we said a cheap old oven, when Owner finally rived the miniscule lightbulb out, it left a lot of its gubbings attached to the thing. I did say to Owner, hows about turning off the electricity as she dabbed at the metal thing with a metal screwdriver.  Yes she is still here.  NO the oven does not light up any more and all the gubbings are at the back of the oven somewhere.  BUT here is the positive to all of this, and as I said to Owner who was not far off a weeping jive.  THE OVEN albeit swathed in darkness and mystery STILL WORKS.  I love it x

Final stand by para and cartoon.

There it is! the pocket hanky kitchen with the poor oven and squashed up next to it the good washer washing.  there is even a glimpse of the new back door!  Owner is just rushing to turn off all power and cannot be seen.  she is therefore, out of the cartoon!  I love it.

Real and final stand by.  So Owner was at a loose stressed and anxious end all day good folks out there but somehow has turned it round.  I HAVE WRITTEN something Wonka she goes to me later on, and it is the next Duffel Story she is on about.  It might at this rate be ready for Easter!  that's what being creative does for you I advised her from my amazon box, and you know it works for me - I creatively chase Bertie bubb and it doesn't half lift my spirits. Now last night there really was nothing on and tonight we are trapped with the overflowing storylines from Enders.  Everyone is related to everyone else or divorcing them and Lucee's murderer is still amongst.  It is therefore a must see.  Tomorrow, daughter is landing and surely Owner's setting must go down a notch.  It will be food food, films food food sweets and then another film.  It is all good folks.  Now do go steady out there in the Wold good folks wherever you are in it.  Big Love Wonka x