Saturday, 24 January 2015

Sunny Satdee

Wonka here.     Up we got to some sunny shine folks, and blue sky.  is it still freezing you all want to know possibly enjoying some heat?  YES it is still icy cold thank you for asking.  But a little bit of sun and Owner suddenly gets going and does things.  I AM GOING TO PAINT THE GOOD BACK DOOR she blurts out to me half way through the morn.  Personally I would have liked a bit more warning as (list) 1.  am I ready for the full on stinkerooni of fresh paint?  NO 2.  What if Ruggles comes by and does not like the full on stinkerooni of the paint and runs away? 3.  is there a brush not welded together with the last painting job available? JUST and 4.  what about the curtain to shield us from the wold and blotting out any pesky Vikings who might be looking in?  I like things to go steady because I love it.

Sun filled para.  So did Owner go ahead you all shriek up?  OF COURSE.  Have you ever known Owner to get an idea in her head and not have it actioned in about ten seconds flat.  Before I could say what about Bertie, the door was painted.  inside only folks, as once Owner had calmed down long enough to read the bit of the tin that wasn't painted over she spied the word INTERIOR.  It is now a smelly freshly painted back door in a pleasant shade of white tinged with lavender.  IT IS STILL TACKY she goes to me when she fell back in after her rounds and dabbed at it with a finger.. and then Rugglesis turns up followed by gingertop.  He mustn't touch the door! she goes all edgy and nervous.  I mean what did I say earlier folks?  And because Ginger top could see right into the good kitchen without the curtain or blind he thought he was coming in!  NOT ON YOUR NELLY I goes to him through the dining room window...this INN is full!  I love it.

Fresh and sunny para and cartoon spot.  Last and I will say least! in Wonka's Gallery is said Gingertop.....

There he or she or it is!  Busy drinking out of the waterbowl near to the gnomes out back....and that, is where Gingertop can stay!! x
Final sunny para.   The other job tackled by Owner with a hammer and a nail was the new blind.  I'VE DONE IT Wonka she shouts to me, all excited because it is up and it works.  Yesterdee she went to collect it from the shop and had a full blown lecture on how to put it up.  HE TALKED ME through it she drones to me assembling screws and brackets and such like.  I thought it best to get in my amazon box, and even Bertie regrouped in his cat carrier in the Narnia cupboard.  BUT all went to plan (thankyou Mr Blind man for the best instructions ever!) and the blind pulls down and everything.  it is now on the good table waiting for the good door to dry.  Who knew, that a painted door takes so long to dry.  That must be that saying I goes up, about watching paint dry, but Owner was busy washing her finger after dabbing it again to hear me.  now tonight we will be transfixed by The Voice, and the presenters of The Voice who are so handsome it is hard to believe they are real.  Maybe we will find it hard to believe some of the contestants are too, who knows.  And then Casualtee to round our eve off.  The evil Connie doctor keeps showing signs of being nice and Zoe doctor is an angel sent down etc.  we love it lots.  Now do go steady out there in the Wold good folks wherever you are in it.  Big Love Wonka x