Sunday, 25 January 2015

Ugly Mug Sundee

Wonka here.  Up in the night, and so the usual thing happens.  We all sleep in....zzzzzzz OH.  I may as well make a cup of tea goes Owner, who is toss turn turn toss - oh and have some cream crackers,  and read.  Why not I says, throw a party while you're at it, but she didn't hear me above drinking her tea and nibbling on a Jacobs.  Why is it, she mumbles, that cream crackers taste like nectar in the night?  and then she reports up how her Grandma on aged parent's side, used to live on them.  I hope, I droned up from well under the bed, you are not following suit.  I love it.

Fresh very ugly para.  Now what you all shout up at me, more ugliness?  after the fringe episode?  after feeling like the weather all grey and grim?  YES only this time it was a full on attack.  Owner said she felt so ugly she didn't want to go out but I made her folks out there all egging me on, and saying things like, she mustn't look in the mirror!  and - tell her how gorgeous she looks!  You know me folks, I cannot tell a lie and she did look a mite peaky.  BUT nothing that a good purchase of new makeup can't put right.  she fell back in from her swimming ( I did wonder if all the other swimmers were frightened out of the water, but she said all calm and peaceful.  I know.)with a load of new blushers and pencils and such, and set to with them all.  Me?  thanks for asking, I had to wait patiently for a snack, and so did Bertie come to that.  And I can lie convincingly (long word had to use) when called upon.  like needing food.  I love it.

Fresh very very ugly para:  here is a little cartoon that Owner said SUMS IT ALL UP WONKA....
There we are! Owner looking in that mirror and seeing a green troll looking back, me patient under the table Bertie bubb off to use the facilities.  To round it all off, she has to put green cream on her eyebrows as they have gone red.  probably in protest at all the new makeup I says up admittedly in a whisper that I could hardly hear myself. I am proud of my self control in these ugly circumstances x
Final ugly mug para.  There is always a saving grace to these things and here it is good folks all relaxed and happy with your good looking selves especially if you are Emma or Marvin off the Voice, OR, Emmanuel, one of the contestants who was so handsome, Rita thingy could not look at him.  Anyhow here is the saving grace.  IF one of those pesky Vikings wanders by and looks in the window he she or it will  get such a fright they will go and look in at someone else's window.  Now Owner is convinced she has a cold and that is why she has gone to ugly setting (10 out of a possible 10) WILL I FEEL LIKE WORK tomorrow she goes up to me and I says, can you afford not to Owner? heh?  Luckily she was in the kitchen pandering to Ruggles who luckily is not easily scared by green eyebrows.   Tonight we are clustered up to calling the midwifey and last tango.  There is a film but no doubt Owner will want to go to her ugly pit by then.  I have suggested a nice hot orange OR here it comes.....a Horlicks.  NO CONTEST she goes brightening right up as that is her all time fave comfort drink.  the other Grandma used to make it, and, Owner reports up, it was made the proper way with hot milk and freckles on the top.MMMMM.  Now the good week is nearly upon us and we are praying for a beauty week please!  so do go steady out there in the Wold good folks wherever you are in it.  big love Wonka x