Tuesday, 20 January 2015

We are saved Tuesdee

Wonka here.  Owner slept in for an hour.  I know.  and then, got a shout for some work for all this week and next.  I know.  Now any folks out there doubting and saying things like: those wishing wells!  they are useless all know that! and  generally sneering at such ancient means of getting what you want.  Well (Owner says I can't say 'well' like that because it is confusing.  SO?  I says back) our wishing well works!  We are saved from poverty and starvedom once more.  Are all the other wishes coming true then you all shout up and ask?  give it time give it time...............I love it.

Fresh saved para.  now yesterdee Owner did boast of a Wonka's gallery and here it is with me first up.  It is a cartoon of all of us, for January, starting with moi, naturellement..
There we are!  me and my beloved mousey.  next up will be that recluse, Bertie Bubb. I know. x
Fresh and final saved para.  After Owner flung off out for her day's toil I did a little bit of checking up and a lot of zzzzzzzzzzzzzz in my amazon box.  Bertie popped down to use the facilities and it was all peaceful and bonny until OH HOME HOW I LOVE YOU goes Owner falling in through the good front door much later on.  Luckily she had been in her lunch hour to one of those failing supermarkets (take your pick) and brought back provisions.  AND a pack of two cream doughnuts with jam.  This folks was wolfed down asap.  I HAVE A headache she moans up to me.  We reckon this was brought on by (list) 1.  lack of caffeine. 2. ditto 3. supervising a year 8 going on 40, about tourism.  it involved statistics say no more.  Are you all clued up Owner I says all interested as it was dead on teatime.  NO she goes back unpacking Bertie's million tubs of Sheba.  Now tonight we will cling to Enders and maybe Holbee city.  We are a bit sad because one of our faves from Corrie has gone off to the next room.  it was Anne aka Dierdre who lived with Ken and had to put up with Tracee for a daughter.  And she used to have a signature dish of food that all ran away from.  We loved her and say good night sleep tight!  Now do go steady out there folks in the Wold wherever you are in it.  Big Love Wonka x