Monday, 5 January 2015

Wise Words Mundee

Wonka here.  Who, you all gasp up, is speaking wisdom???  As you know this is my main task in life, to advise and steer Owner in the right direction BUT I am not alone!!  Do you know Wonka, she goes to me, when she shot back through the good front door after a nice day's slaving at the School.  DO I KNOW WHAT? I goes back showing extreme interest it being dead on teatime. Those kids know a thing or two!  We have talked of Poverty and the CAUSES and what it would be like if all of us had no money!!!  We'd all be equal!!!  I'd say Owner has a head start there, and I do know if the credit card could talk, it would agree - it might also say DO YOU REALLY NEED THAT item, but on the other hand, that defeats the object of it being a credit card.  how wise and complicated is that!!  I love it.

Fresh wise and cover stricken para.  here follows our book cover for the second story in the #wonka series.  Owner had it in her head (which just shows where her head is today) that is was another one.  Here it is, the real second one:
Here it is!  In this one, Golly is still there to be my role model (sorry Golly!!) and there is Baba lurking at the door...... so named due to his  plaintive cries.  he made the most noise when Owner was on the phone and used to dab at her with his paw.  hankies away!  Of course it does tell of Owner and her goings on but mostly I know you will want to read about me and you won't be disappointed!  I love it x
Last wise wordy para.  Last night was mostly taken up with thoughts of today.  I know.  Owner did watch Granville in still open all hours and it is so silly she loves it.  Bring back Norman Wisdom because that is the sort of humour we like in this house.  Then it was last Tango in Halifax where all are in a tangle and if they are not in a tangle they will be.  it really does put Enders in the shade.  Talking of which it is not on tonight.  I COULD HAVE DONE WITH IT moans up Owner.  I mean.  There is the usual comforting double dose of Corrie though.  Kylie has gone missing and although he threw her out, David is searching for her.  Yes.  Ginger top Gazzer is back with thingy and he still hasn't got a job and he still broke into Roy's Caff.  And Roy?  for going mad and tapping Gazzer on the back with a spade has got some pay back to do.  In the community.  The other big news of the day is in keeping with the story above.  You could call it (we love this word) synchronicity.  On Satdee we are having a new back door.  yes.  And Owner is already getting anxious as that is in keeping with her ability to cope with workmen and jobs.  Me?  I love it and will be supervising from under the bed.  Now do go steady out there in the Wold good folks wherever you are in it.  big love Wonka x