Sunday, 1 February 2015

Anyone for tennis Sundee

Wonka here.  Yes it was the Aussie open and we were transfixed.  Owner as you know is deeply in love with Novak the Djokovic and I give my total adoration to Murray mint.  Bertie?  he says he will support the winner.  enough said.  And who did win it in case you are on another lonely planet to this one?  heh? heh?  Novak natch.  He is the one to beat and murraymint was doing his best but then...... YOU CANT WIN EM ALL I shouted up and who knows he may have heard me.  I love it.

Fresh tennis match para. after the excitement of watching two great champs knock it back and forth Owner made herself go swimming.  EVEN THOUGH Wonka , she says to me, and I quote, IT IS RAIN, SLEET and all else out there.  There was a strong icy wind I noted as she flung open the good front door to leave but it soon went back to tropical.  Just the right temperature at last!  Now as per it seemed like 2 mins since she left before she was throwing sacks of concrete I mean litter and bags full of catfood and a little stuff for her into the hallway.  HALLO I mouthed to her through the bay window and blow me down if she didn't disappear back off into the car with no name and speed off down the street.  Ages later she tramps in and says NO PARKING in the street and she had to park up miles away.  Well I'll be!  I goes up in sympathy because me and Bertie bubb were nigh on starving.  First, I had to listen to how she went in the fast lane at the baths and kept up with all these Olympian swimmers carving up and down, some with flippers and goggles.  Well done! I says to her, picturing the scene.  A tiny Owner belting up and down, going clockwise like they recommend and all these burly men splashing round her.  Did you manage not to.....?I starts up.  YES she says back.  I love it.

A match made in heaven para.  today you must have another Duffel cartoon.  Last night Owner reports dreaming of Sam, her old dog and who stars in last year's Easter Story.  You must read it to meet him.  He was a legend and all loved him.

There he is!!  outside the school in the story which can be found free to read on   Maybe, he wants to be in the new Duffel Again story?  You will have to wait and see. x

Final game set and match of the day para.  Tonight we are cuddling up to call the midwifey and we love all the people in it especially Jenny Agutter who a long time ago was a railway child and we love her lots.  followed by the last of the last tango in Halifax.  There may be another wedding by thingy to thingy but knowing this family and babies keep turning up as well so who knows.  Then it will be batten down the hatches down with the Horlicks and an early night in preparation for more little people.  I haven't mentioned Owner's hair which is getting another visit by our hair rescuer Graham tmro aft and I'm not going to.  not while Owner is in the fast lane.  I love it.  Now do go steady out there in the Wold good folks wherever you are in it.  The good week is upon us and the stars look handy.  Big Love Wonka x