Saturday, 21 February 2015

Crash Satdee

Wonka here.  What ho folks!  YES it was a funny morning that somehow morphed (like it) from being AWFUL Wonka! to quote Owner, into ALRIGHT NOW.  first up, which is not unusual really and I now wonder why I even trouble to tell you, but Owner went funny over her hair her face and then back again.   Whilst that was happening, the internet went funny too.  Now if you ask me, and I know you would too, THIS was far more important.  It kept flashing up a message saying there was a Problem.... YES....and it was trying to solve it.....YES and would let us know when it had.  When Owner tried to close the little box with the infuriating message in, it refused to close!!  I did think of retiring upstairs and straight under the bed, but luckily for me, while the internet was refusing to connect Owner to anything, her hair and face went right.  I love it.

Crash out para.  Her hair went so right that later on, when she visited aged parent who was being fairly annoying (according to Owner) and watching 'on the waterfront' without speaking to Owner, she finally says (as Owner got up to leave) have you had your hair done?  NO says Owner stomping off.  The only good thing about the entire visit Wonka, she says up when she fell back in later on, YES I goes, showing special interest as my luxury tray needed seeing to and I was starving..... the good thing was I liked looking at Marlon Brando in black and white, in the film the may have shot him to stardom.  I LOVE IT.

Herewith crash free para.  as promised way back when the first of our STAR ratings on the films we saw with daughter.
There we are!!  the first film was as you can see, Monuments Men with an ALL STAR cast, but specially George Clooney.  We loved it, we loved what they did and we loved it even more because it was based on True events folks out there.  It was all about the second world war and how all the great works of art were shifted about and where they ended up and how they were rescued (sorry to anyone out there with a stolen artwork they don't know about) And now, Owner wants to go to Bruges to see the Madonna and Child.  We do love our art and such like. x

Final crashed out para.  last night Owner reports that she really enjoyed Enders.  I did say have you got a temperature but she didn't hear me above boiling the steam engine aka kettle for a nice cup of rosy lea. (TEA).  According to Owner it was Bobby what done it, he hit Lucee over the head with a trinket box and then Jane disposed of the body.  BUT Ian is not going to shop Bobby and he is still married to Jane.  Petah, Lucee's twin, however saw the light and was rather angry!  Dean recovered from his bonk on the head from Mick in the Vic cellar and disappeared into the night, and there was a proposal.  Owner says Corrie seemed a bit mild after all the excitement of people crying  and shouting.  OH I says up.  Tonight is the voice and it is the last time for the red chairs carry on.  THEN it will be live shows and live singing. perhaps.  If Owner can manage to hold on, we will be glued to Casualty and all the mixed up patients and even more mixed up doctors and nurseys. Auntie Charlie will smooth furrowed brows and give out sage advice as per.  Now what about the internet?  healed itself.  Rug is fast over on the linen basket and Bertie is back in the wardrobe after what Owner called one of his visits to my luxury tray.  I know.  Now do go steady out there in the Wold good folks wherever you are in it, and specially if that pesky internet is fooling about.  Big Love Wonka x