Sunday, 8 February 2015

Film Sundee

Wonka here.  What a very lazy day we have all had here.  Slept in nicely til 7 30 am.  WHAT you all go in surprise!  Yes indeed I am very proud to report that aside from a tiny rumbling noise coming from Bertie Bubb sort of like a microscopic volcano about to erupt, yes aside from that all was peaceful and calm.  JUST HOW I LIKE IT splutters Owner.  she has gone through several packs of those expensive tissues and I did say what about nice cheap toilet roll but she didn't hear me above another volley of sneezing.  I love it.

Fresh film para.  today and once more I am even more proud to report Owner actually watched not one but TWO films.   The first one has been seen before and we love it.

There we are!  cuddled up to Frozen......beware the frozen heart sing the icemen as they strike through the ice and cut it and stack it up.  When Owner was at the nursery the other week, a little boy had Owner put the CD on and they both sat there singing away to it!! PLUS he told Owner she was Anna.  Bless you!  We love him and we love Frozen.   The other film had Jack Nicholson in it and someone else who we do know is it Morgan Freeman I says to Owner? and it is called The Bucket List.  I heard Owner laugh a good few times which is refreshing and we need more of it.  x
Final film ridden para. tonight is Call the midwifey and watch out for those nuns, as some of them are a mite giddy.  Jenny Agutter is top Nun and our fave.  It is always happy and sad goes Owner.  Bit like our lives then Owner I says up.  Now listen up to this good folks, but gingertop has only nipped in the kitchen whilst Owner wasn't keeping a close eye and chomped on rug's luxury cat food!  GINGER goes Owner.  and WHERE IS RUG.  I did say is a good idea to leave the back door open like that it is an open invitation to all those pesky Vikings.  I MUSTN'T LEAVE THE DOOR again Wonka she says up.  NO I says back.  The good week is upon us, and Owner will be hard at it doing admin all day long like the trooper she is.  I MIGHT LIKE IT she muttered to me and I have as you know cast many a spell in that direction and may yet cast some silver into the wishing well for our fortunes.  Do go steady out there in the Wold good folks wherever you are in it,  Big Love Wonka x