Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Fog ridden Tuesdee

Wonka here.  Are you there??  Hard to tell through this dank old mist stroke fog that has been lingering around all day.  I did say to Owner it was a perfect disguise for those pesky Vikings to come sneaking up the street in their big old boat and no one would notice!  DON'T BE SILLY WONKA she says back to me checking the street.  I love it.

Hard to see Para.  Now today has rather taken a turn.  Owner has been hovering on ugly, old and what is the point setting and decided to re set to ZERO.  Oh woe! you all shout up, will she be alright.  With me guiding and advising her at very turn?  Rather.  First off did she sleep in, second off she saw an article that was all about a perfect children's story with perfect illustrations that looked for a minute like our Christmas story........  her heart sank folks.   I did say do not on any account read that article Owner, as it may make you lose heart but she didn't hear me above clicking on the link.  Personally I say our story is the tops and that is all there is to it.  Third up, did Owner go on to have a trying day of it with students going wonky and everyone pretending it was nothing or de rien as I like to say up.  Fourthly, and this is what capped it all off folks, Owner sped from work to aged parent to assist with the new furniture.  WHICH HADN'T ARRIVED.  It is all alright now and Owner is safe and snug (if on minus zero setting) and drinking millions of tea.  I love it.

A bit of light on this fog ridden para.  Cartoon for the day folks is a recap of the new visitor at the gate....
There he is!  the newby, as Owner calls him Clarke.  Clarke Blackster.  and with all this fog we may have missed him and gingertop today.  I love it.
Final fog ridden para.  On days like this I say things to Owner like, we must count our blessings and look for the positives and think how much money you are saving by being at work all day!  She did dart home at lunch time and fitted in a quick trip to Spar.  That is the shop where she left her shopping.  I KNOW WHAT THEY MUST THINK she goes to me, plonking a fresh bag of essentials (TICK) down on the table.  They will think you are their fave customer I went back and yes it was coming up to lunch time.  Now tonight we have missed Enders and that could be the first sign of our luck turning, but are sidling up to Holbee.  There is a weepy programme on after called The Gift or something very like it and it might just turn the tide for Owner.  WE ARE SO LUCKY she will tell me through sobbing.  We love it.  Do go steady out there in the Wold good folks wherever you are in it and specially if it is fog ridden.  Big Love Wonka x