Thursday, 26 February 2015

Gruffolo Thursdee

Wonka here.  Owner is so tired I have myself put her on AT Risk SETTING.  What is that? you all wonder up.  it means that (list) 1.  She could easily and suddenly slip into old and ugly mode - this is without warning and the only thing to go by is that she may appear with scissors and a new hair product. This has NOT happened yet. 2.  She has gone on a giant worry jive about £s.  I mean, there is the good credit card fairly leaping out of her purse to protect us from Starvedom.......why worry up? 3.  she had given up temporarily her minute and I mean TINY sip of medicinal red vino and what has happened?  YES,  I spied a small glass of the same.  As yet though, and here lies the blessing, she has no time folks, not really to go out on the kind of giant spending spree that being tired and such like brings on.  I love it.

Gruffolo para.  This is the story that Owner has been hearing all week and she is now very familiar with it.  I have to say I did start to listen myself when she mentioned THE MOUSE.  I do like a story built around a mouse.  Beyond that, Owner says she is Gruffoled OUT now.  She has cut out a million Gruffolos for the little people to decorate and they have.  There are weird looking Gruffolos, Gruffolos with two eyes in funny places, and with purple prickles on their heads and not their backs, and goodness knows about the wart on his nose.  He has terrible tusks (should be out of his mouth) and really it is a wonder she is still fairly alright.  ish.  I love it.

A Gruffolo free para.  Today Owner says why not show all and sundry my new hat Wonka?  So here it is:

There it is!  It is a handmade pull on hat in the shape of a cat.  Owner has purchased it for herself and of course with my is for now resting on Swannie but before that lived briefly on Bagpuss.  She hasn't worn it yet but has told the little people about it.  naturally they are all waiting to see it on her head.  I love it.

Final gruffolo day para.   Owner fell back in with a sack of concrete that is calling itself Thomas Cat litter.  I am appealing to Thomas to make his cat litter a little less heavyweight please as I thought the last thing Owner needs after her workout with the little people is to carry heavy bags.   There!  I have been kind and generous as per.  Rug has more or less settled into his new en suite aka the kitchen and shows no signs of wanting to return to his former life as a fully paid up stray cat.  That's Owner for you.  Bertie bubb is hurling himself into the wardrobe upstairs and popping out now and then for food and the other. YES I was told off last night for staring at him.  End of.  last night we were astonished to see something called THE BRIT awards and even more astonished to see it on the scale of some American extravaganza (sorry America)  it was very polished and smooth and everyone looked like film stars only they were singers.  OH and it was reported that Madonna, fell over.  We switched over to watch our fave Wolf Hall and were not sorry.  NO.  It was dark in that Tower of London and Anne finally had her head swiped off, thanks to the madness of King Henry and all his despots. (Owner says that is a word and I like it).   And in Corrie, poor thingy has let Toby or something very like that put him off his girlfriend who has flown off to New York now.   Tonight there is Enders for Owner to cling to and try to keep up with.   Dot is in prison for killing her evil son Nick and there is a new baby too.  Beyond that, it is all to play for.  Now do go steady out there in the Wold good folks wherever you are in it.  Big Love Wonka x