Friday, 6 February 2015

Huggy Fridee

Wonka here.  We have ended the week on a very cuddlesome note good folks out there possibly experiencing the same.  And if you are not, we wish you were.  Howcomes you all gasp up, Owner is receiving hugs??  It is the little people who are not afraid to give hugs and Owner says it made her week.  There is nothing, she droned to me, more welcome than a little person wishing you a happy weekend!  I am quite sure they would have done the same for me if I had been there.  As it is, I have lots of bear hugs from Owner over her left shoulder and so secure I cannot lash out by accident!  as if!!  I love it x

Hugglesome para.  Just one thing to report up, oh alright several.  First thing: Owner went mad and asked for the car with no name to have a tiny clean up whilst she was shopping in the supermarket that turned into a giant maze to attract more shoppers into its lair, but as far as we know is fairly empty.  Does it have a monster lurking in the centre of the maze I wondered up but Owner reports she is using the word maze metaphorically. (that's what being in a classroom does to you.) but then said there still might be a monster.  Just watch out then I advised from deep in my amazon box.  it turns out the good car cleaner is all the way from Bulgaria and has to clean horrid smelly cars all day long every day.  I HAVE NEVER, announced Owner to me, SEEN the car with no name SO SPARKLY CLEAN.  And if that's what Bulgaria has to offer it must be alright.  We love it. x

Cuddly cartoon para:  We must end our week at this school with another of Owner's sketches on it:
There it is! The entrance from the front and high up in the distance the Castle!  it is hidden away like a little treasure.  It is an acquired taste goes Owner (have you swallowed a dictionary I goes up) but I do love the little people there.  Perhaps Owner will return.  I love it.x
Final cuddlesome para.  Other news to report up goes: Owner has sighted a new and all black cat by the gate.  HE SEEMED FAMILIAR she goes to me..And?  I said back straightway which was alright as I had eaten.  And Wonka, he sped up the passageway. She is calling him Clarke as in Kent and I know what I will call him if I do see him.  End of.  The car is out there in the street sparkling away and all is calm in here.  As far as I know Owner has not upset anyone either on purpose or not.  Tonight we are beholden to Corrie X 2 to thrill us and keep us awake.  Thingy is bound to fall for Callum as he is NO GOOD and the real father of Max.  David, who when he is not being evil is surprisingly good has been a decent step father to Max so is bound to lose out when it goes to court.  Kylie is missing and she is the real mum.  Because there is some rugby thing going on, Enders is not. Just when it is hotting up with post it notes on thingy's shoe with missing phone numbers.  is it drunken Lauren I wonder up to Owner.  That could be her name, she says back.  At last, the weekend is nigh so, do go steady out there in the Wold good folks wherever you are in it.  Big Love Wonka x